Thanks God and Malaysia Government for preparing the FREE WIFI to their people.
MyBroadband WiFi is an initiative by the Ministry of Energy, Water, and Communication to increase the accessibility of Internet through the usage of broadband in Malaysia. This initiative will also enable the public to access key government’s web presences, and e-government services at any of the WiFi locations.

MyBroadband WiFi is implemented through a smart collaboration between the government, the community, and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) , whereby each party contribute different resources to the initiative.

You may register your account here. It is totally FREE.


  • Register your account with your particular.
  • You are freely to use this account to log-in to FREE WIFI service at everywhere in Malaysia as long as that places are provided this service.
  • You also may check here to see whether your residential area is under coverage.

    Speed Test


    Results from Looks good for free WIFI Service.


    Results from P1 Speed Test. Seems like the speed is quite consistent.

    Wrap Up

    Over all performance is good. No intermittent disconnection, No laggy, is just the speed is a bit slow if you wanted to stream some videoclip. Don’t miss this opportunity to register a FREE account, make a move now!

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