image Unnecessary recorded voice mail is totally a waste on resource, money, time. And the most important thing is I reluctant to be charged by the telecommunication companies for just no purpose but just listening to “your call has been forwarded….blah…blah…blah…”. Well, I’m now to tell you the way how to disable your voicemail, so you will not cause other people to waste unnecessary $$$. However, if you think Voice Mail is really useful to you, then you should remain it.

Activate – *#109#
Deactivate – ##109#

Active – Call 016-2211800
Deactivate – *128#, select mobile service, voice mail & deactivate.

Activate – *61*17(your last 7 digit celcom number)#
Deactivate – ##002#

I hope the info helps you to reduce unnecessary “blah…blah…blah….”

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  • hasten


  • mohamed

    Thanks bro

  • izume89

    Thanks, man… :) it helps me solve the voice mail… thanks again

  • chein lein

    im using hotlink prepaid, i ve tried to deactivate my voicemail service by pressing #109# n also ##109#, but it doesnt work… what should i do..? please help….. :(

    • Vodeblog

      I would suggest you to call celcom customer service ^^

  • mcwillan

    why correct data

  • Haz

    I already disable voice mail for celcom but I failed to activated it back . Please help me

    • Jason Kit

      Call to Celcom customer service..

  • ferrari

    Hey bro, looks like celcom had made it difficult for us to deactivate voicemail.. ##002# no longer works..

    • lotus

      ya.. seem like that, u must call 1111, follow the flow, then ur voicemail wil be diactivated.

  • kd

    what a bout maxis, ##109# is refusing to work

    • ecam

      You need to call their hotline to deactivate it

  • Billy Yew

    Hi,Digi Customer

    Please Deactivate Voicemail for My Number 0149405738

    Thank You…

  • Billy Yew

    Hi,Please Call to Digi Customer 016-2211800

    May help i,Please Deactivate Voicemail for My Number 014-9405738

    Thank You…