7 is a quite popular number in 2010. We have windows 7 released in early 2010 and just recently we have Windows Phone 7 released. I do not whether this is the reason to inspire Xunlei to release a Xunlei version 7, probably not. It is just a coincidence, I think. You may not have much confidence on China-made software apps, so do I at first place but it really impressed me after installation.

In the past, I also used Xunlei download manager but was with old version. I found the old version was high memory-consumption and it caused blue screen error to my windows 7. I was fed up with this app and I was shifted to use other download app like utorrent, emule and others. Undeniable, Xunlei has ridiculously & abundantly resources. I could not avoid to get very useful resources from Xunlei but only await in hope to get a bugs-free released version from them.

Apps Details

File Size: 12.44 MB


Release date: 2010.10.11

New logo

xunlei 7 new logo_1

A total new designed logo was released on Xunlei 7 to replace the old logo. The appearance of the logo looks extremely similar to the twitter logo. For myself, I think it is more comfortable to see this logo instead old logo. The new design is natural and impressive. I love it very much, anyway. I experience that the latest version has really changed to not be a heavy download engine. A tip here, Xunlei also has a web-based version of donwload manager where you do not need to download a few MB installation file. Check this out in http://dl.xunlei.com.

Xunlei 7Other than a new logo, a new appearance of download status bar was designed as well. It shows several status of your items, it show the your download items & download speed of your every single download item in your queue list. You may configure to hide or show the download percentage bar on top of the status bar. It is a light display version to show your overview download process in a glance.

New Feature

The app user interface has a tremendously change but remain old original download feature. I experience higher and smoother application integration with Windows 7. I do not experience laggy anymore as what it did from old xunlei version. No blue screen and OS crash happen so far.

xunlei7 feature

if you do understand Chinese, let me tell you what Xunlei tell you on their new Xunlei 7.  They mention that they has used a new high technology UI engine, Bolt and it will bring you smoother download experiencing. They had also reduce the booting time of the app. It take shorter time to start your download in the queue. You will see more stable version of Xunlei.


Xunlei 7 gallery_3Xunlei 7 gallery_1Xunlei 7 gallery_2Xunlei 7 gallery


Click here to download.

Wrap Up

This is a recommended download manager machine. It can actually handle all kind of download item you daily need. However, if you are not familiar with Chinese, you may change the default language from Chinese to English. But, bear in mind, you may only manage to download your item from other website but not from Xunlei Online Download storage database. You may miss out something awesome from Xunlei . To me, it is a awesome application from China. I love it !!

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