Firstly, I thought it is easy to access through my Nexus S SD card through USB-micro USB cable. Plug the USB cable to the PC and the other end definitely connect to Your Nexus S. Easy and simple, but I still couldn’t access to the SD card even though I saw the removal drive has been appear in My Computer. Well, actually it was really extremely simple but because of the unfamiliarization of Android OS, it took me few more seconds. So, a quick and simple entry here to share how to make access to your Nexus S USB storage like a normal external memory stick.

Basically, SIMPLE!!!!

 Connect your USB cable, then go to Settings, select Wireless & Networks.


Select Tethering & Portable Hotspot.


Go to USB Tethering.


Then re-connect your USB cable. You should now see a reminder below. Just click OK.


Yea, you are almost done. You should now see a successful USB configuration and ready to turn ON. Turn it ON if you wish. It is really simple? Cool…

Nexus-S-Access-Usb-storage-3     Nexus-S-Access-Usb-storage-5

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  • Laverne

    Since the update a few days ago to my Nexus S I cannot find the USB storage. Also when i plug my phone into the laptop I don’t get those 2 icons which show USB connected and debugging?

    I am trying to sync my phone to Media windows player to get the new music I just added and I don’t have the “Wireless & Network” option under settings?

    Please advise Sprint rep stumped as well.

    • Jason Kit

      Are you using custom ROM or stock ROM? I suggest to reset your phone but it will erase all contents of your phone. This is the last step. Should check everything before doing that. Three possibilities, your pc setting ,your phone ROM problem & phone hardware problem.