This would be a very interesting and tough topic for android beginner. I have been seeking around for the easiest way to make a snapshot/screen shot/printscreen on my Nexus S, It is extremely important to take a snapshot and share in blog. Finally, I get a best and complete way to do it.

Nexus S

I would say it is really tough for me, a totally android beginner to make a snapshot. Well, I still get the way at last =) God Bless.. Let’s see what is the way.

Procedures To Make A Snapshot On Android Google Nexus S

1. JDK

1. First of all you will need to get Java Development Kit 1.6+ installed on your system. (Important)

  1. 2. You may follow this direct link to get recent package.
  2. 3. Click Download.
  3. 4. Select your Windows platform from dropdown and click Continue. It is not required to provide any user name.
  4. 5. Click on the file to start download. It is about 80MB.
  5. 6. Run downloaded exe file and follow instructions on the screen. You may accept all the defaults.
  6. 7. It may take several minutes for installer to do its job.


2. Android SDK

1. Then you need to get and install Android SDK.

  1. 2. Follow this link to get latest Android SDK for Windows platform.
  2. 3. Download installer_r08-windows.exe.
  3. 4. Launch downloaded installation package and accept defaults.
  4. 5. Click Finish to open SDK Manager.
  5. 6. Go to the next section to install USB Driver.

7. Note: Please remember the full path to the SDK for further steps. In this guide we will assume that SDK path is “C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdk-windows“.


3. Windows USB driver & Platform Tools

  1. 1. Please make sure your phone is NOT CONNECTED to your computer.
  2. (Skip this step if you have SDK Manager running already after installation) Run SDK Manager.exe from SDK path. And wait until it has finished refreshing sources.
  3. (Only on the first run of SDK Manager) Click Cancel since you don’t need anything but Platform-tools and USB driver for screen capture application.
  4. 2. Select Available packages on the left panel.
  5. 3. Expand the Android Repository and set check next to Android SDK Platform-tools.
  6. 4. Expand Third party Add-ons –> Google Inc. add-ons and set check next to Google USB Driver Package. (Important)
  7. 5. Click Install Selected.
  8. 6. Click Accept All to accept License and then click Install.
  9. 7. When install finishes, the USB Driver will be in “C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdk-windowsgoogle-usb_driver“.
  10. 8. Close SDK Manager.
  11. 9. Connect your phone. You will be prompted for driver, which is located in the path mentioned above.
  12. 10. For more details installing driver please visit It could be the end story, but there are some extra steps:
  13. 11. Make sure that standard SDK tool ddms.bat (from C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdk-windowstools) launches successfully. Otherwise Screen Capture Tool won’t work either. If ddms won’t launch, add the platform-tools to your system PATH variable like this: Right-click My computer –> Advanced –> Environment Variables –> select Path in System Variables box –> Edit –> append “;C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdk-windowsplatform-tools” to the existing Path. Please note the semicolon “;” preceding the path being appended. If ddms won’t launch even after you have accomplished the step above, try disconnecting your phone, then launch ddms and then connect your phone back. (Important)

And also:

  • 12. Copy adb.exe from platform-tools to tools folder. (Important)

image You should see your android Google Nexus S is connected to the DDMS.


4. USB Debugging for Android

To capture screens from your Android phone, it needs to have USB Debugging setting activated.

  1. On your Android device click Menu button.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Applications
  4. Click Development
  5. Make sure USB Debugging is checked.

Nexus S_1

5. Android Screen Capture.

Now you have all set for Android Screen Capture.

  1. Download latest installation package from SourceForge: (Important)
  2. Run AndroidScreenCapureSetup.vX.X.exe.
  3. Follow onscreen instructions.
  4. When finished, run application and go to File -> Set Android SDK folder to set SDK path.

 *You do not need to root your android phone for steps above.


The process is tedious to get the snapshot from android phone. However, it is fun to get this done. I enjoy the process even though it took me couple of nights. I really hope you enjoy the post and leave your comment or question.

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    What the hell?? Every other phone its just two buttons together. How can google, the people who developed the OS in the first place cant do what 3rd party manufacturers can do?

  • chloe

    shouldn't print screen be included as a feature on the phone, i mean on the iphone its just press the home button and hold it and you get ur screen capture. its such a waste of time to go and download other stuff just to get this to work. they should honestly included into the phone.

    • Jason Kit

      If you have a custom ROM then the screen shot capture feature is included.