iPhone4_CelcomiPhone4 was finally launched by Celcom in April 2010. Well, few months later than DiGi and Celcom, however, I believe the i{hone4 market in Malaysia is still available. Just FYI, iPhone 5 release rumor has been spreading around, and it will be released on September of 2010. If you still desire to get an iPhone4 from Malaysia’s carriers. You may check this out on the packages and plans that Celcom offered.

Celcom iPhone4 Packages & Plans

The lowest price to get an iPhone4 16GB is RM248 & 32GB is RM538 from Celcom. Refer table below for all plans.


I’m surely that you will compare the price and the packages from different carriers, DiGi and Maxis. Here you go with the latest plans from DiGi and Maxis.

DiGi iPhone4 Packages & Plans


Details – http://www.digi.com.my/iphone/getone_want_iphone.html

Maxis iPhone4 Packages & PlansiPhone4_Maxis

Details – http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/iphone4/rates.asp

My Advice

Opt1: Get an iPhone4 from DiGi because it has the cheapest packages and plans. As a consumer, I choose the best and cheapest plan, the services they provided are pretty the same, average quality, I don’t see a reason for paying more to get the same quality of service package.

Opt2: Do not wait for iPhone5 to release, because iPhone 4 has the best feature and it has included all what you need. iPhone5 probably will include 4G network, better camera performance, thinner, slimmer, faster……

Opt3: Do not go for iPhone, go with Android phone instead!!! Check out Samsung Galaxy S II. Well-speced!!

Please ignore my advice if you don’t like it.

Opt4: Ignore my advices.. ^^

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