htc-hd2 MAGLDR is a must install bootloader for HTC HD2 if you wanted to flash Android, Windows Phone 7 and ClockworkMod recovery. If you familiar with PC operating system, it is just like selector to let you enable you to select what operating you want to boot. If you are flashing Windows Mobile6.5 ROM, you do not need MAGLDR as you will only need to run the HTC HD2 default bootloader. Thanks to DFT team to create such interesting bootloader for HD2 users and now ROM flashing is very simple and fast.


Why do you need MAGLDR?

HTC-HD2-MAGLDR There are alot of benefits to install MAGLDR to your HD2. You can easily select which OS you want to boot from the bootloader. You can boot Windows Phone 7 from internal memory of your HD2, boot Android from SD card or NAND (internal Memory). Here we go to have a quick check on the MAGLDR features. There are total 12 features in the latest MAGLDR 1.13 version.

1. Boot WPH

– As what i mention before, this feature is to help you to boot your HD2 into Windows Phone 7 from internal memory if you have installed it in your HD2.

2. Boot AD SD

– This is a cool feature where you can boot your complete Android OS from SD card. This features help you to do a dual-boot Windows Phone 7 and Android or Windows mobile 6.5 and Android. Personally, i tried on dual-boot WM6.5 and Android. Pretty cool. WP7 & Android dual-boot is coming soon.

3. Boot AD NAND

– This is most commonly use feature to me, as I always choose to use NAND Android on my HD2. This helps you to boot into Android OS directly from NAND.

4. USB MassStg

– Another cool feature, you do not need to load into the Android OS to access your SD card, you can use this feature to connect your pc and Sd card to perform copy paste function. Cool huhh..

5. USB flasher

– This is to set your phone to USB flashing mode where you can flash anything into your inernal memory like Android OS, WP7, ClockworkMod recovery, radio setting, theme setting, font setting, anything with flash mode capability. If you are newbie, you may select those direct and straightforward ROM where you can directly flash the ROM from your PC to HD2 without any other step.


– Sorry, i have no idea yet on it. It is advance + advance feature, normally we do not use it unless you are advance _ advance users =)

7. AD Hardreset

– Pretty straightforward, reset whatever you have now in HD2 and back to factory android reset.

8. AD recovery

– this is cool feature, it avoid you to break your phone during flashing. ROM flashing thru PC to HD2 is pretty dangerous, because it takes long time (depends on ROM size and the transfer rate), this features help you to install your ROM thru SD card without using the PC. Copy your ROM to SD card, and run ClockworkMod recovery in this feature to install your ROM. Blurr? I’ll share you in next entries on how to use ClockwokMod recovery.

9. Tetris

Tetris game. Get 111111 score to activate hidden features of MAGLDR

10. Services

– There are quite many services provided by MAGLDR. For example, you can choose your selected first boot options in Services boot source, whether to run Android SD, Android NAND, or WPH from NAND. See here for more complete explanations.

11. Reset

– Reboot HD2

12. Power Down

– Turn Off HD2.

[pic via addictivetips]

How To Install MAGLDR 1.13 on HTC HD2 (Step By Step) ?

Prepare items below before installation.

1. HSPL – SPL 2.08 HSPL (if you are not sure what version your HD2 is, check here)

2. A PC.

3. HTC HD2 (any version)

4. Microsoft ActiveSync in your PC. Download here if you do not have.

5. A.2.**.50.** radio that support 576 RAM.

6. Download MAGLDR 1.13 here.

7. Available NAND ROM from Xda forums. I recommend this.

Step by step (Check everything you need before start steps below)

1. Install whatever driver that Windows will need when you connect your HD2 to PC.

2. Activate synchronization on your Microsoft ActiveSync and HD2 thru micro USB cable.

3. Open and extract your downloaded MAGLDR 1.13 rar file.

4. Right Click and Run As Admin on ROMUpdateUtility.exe file.

5. Follow program instructions to install.

6. You will see bootloader screen (3 color boot screen) during flashing.

7. Once done, HD2 will auto reboot and goto MAGLDR Bootloader.

8. You have installed MAGLDR now in HD2 (you still need to flash your NAND ROM to make it works.)

Thanks for Jayceooi (Malaysian too) for preparing a clear instruction.

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