ppstreamI still remember I wrote a post to find an alternate way to watch HongKong Series Drama with PPTV instead of PPStream , however in order to watch the hong kong series drama with PPStream itself, seems like there is still no way. However, i found a trick to make the hongkong series drama list re-emerge and re-appear again in the PPStream drama list. It is easy and simple!! Let’s see what is the trick.

It is still related to the region restriction I believe. The trick is to change the Language for non-unicode programs to english (malaysia) or some other english version [Change System Locale]. I have proved that if you use the Chinese PRC or some other Chinsese version, the HK drama list will not appear. However, with the change of the language, you will not able to view Chinese character in the menu of PPStream but the items in the list are still viewable in Chinese. In simple, you still able to select what you wish to watch ^^


Hope you enjoy the trick and enjoy your watch with PPStream!!


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