How-to-set-custom-ringtone-in-windows-phone-7.5-mangoI did share how to set custom ringtone and notification sound on Android phone [here], right now i would like to share you how to create, add & set custom Ringtone In Windows Phone 7,5. It is a brand new experience to use WIndows Phone 7.5 Mango on my HD2 which there were also some way to customize the features of Windows Phone 7.5 like creating your own ringtones. If you are interested, proceed to the post after the break.

How To Add & Set Your Custom Ringtone In Windows Phone 7.5?

1. Prepare your *.mp3 or *.wma format of your ringtone

  • Your mp3/wma length need to be less than 39 seconds [I have confirmed this is a MUST ^^]
  • Your mp3/wma file size need to be less than 1MB [I have confirmed this is a MUST too ^^ ]

2. Rename your mp3/wma file to what you wish.

3. Open Zune Software and connect with your Windows Phone. Zune Download if you do not have.

4. In Zune Software, go to Collection then Music.

5. Add your mp3/wma into the Music Collection.

6. Right click on your mp3/wma file and select edit.


7. Change the Genre to Ringtone.

8. Then drag your mp3/wma files to sync with your phone.

9. In your Windows Phone, goto settings->ringtones+sounds->ringtone, additional Custom category appear and select the added mp3/wma as your ringtone.

9. Done & enjoy!!


[via xda]

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