According to rumour, Microsoft Windows 8 has nearly to beta version in January or February 2012. There has been more and more leaked screenshots on Windows 8 build. Here come with new leaked screenshots on charm bar of Windows 8 on the right side of the screen. The charm bar will appear when your mouse cursor drop on the bottom-right of the screen. In Windows build 8158, Windows to go [See after break to know more] features has been updated to enhance the USB storage device compatibility & added bit lock features in it. Let’s have a look on the leaked screenshots. Sweet… Download Windows 8 Developer Preview to have a first look on Windows 8.

Windows 8 Charm Bar Screenshots

Windows 8 Charm Bar

Charm Bar Windows 8 build 8158Charm Bar Windows 8 build 8158_2Charm Bar Windows 8 build 8158_1

Windows 8 IE 10

Charm Bar Windows 8 build 8158_3

Summary View of App Search Engine

Charm Bar Windows 8 build 8158_5

Charm Bar Windows 8 build 8158_4

Windows To Go

See more on Windows To Go, which actually is portable Windows 8. See the Video and the MacBook Pro with Windows to go hands on link. It is awesome.


[via PCBeta]

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