3G-data-wifi-data-monitor-limitIf you are new to 3G subscriber on your android smartphone and you haven’t receive your first payment bill from your tele company, you may not concern about the 3G data usage yet. However, i’m sure you will start to look for some way to monitor and limit your 3G data usage. Some of my friends has exceeded the 3G data limit and need to pay extra few hundreds a month for no reason. I experienced the same thing and wish to let you know how I monitor and limit the data usage now ^^ There are some paid app to have this feature but i would show you how to monitor and limit it without paying any cent. Check it out after break.

1. Firstly, there are many android apps in android market having features to monitor the 3G data usage, but most of them are giving the ONLY total 3G data usage but NOT apps by apps. Here I show you how you can monitor the 3G usage apps by apps and also limit the 3G usage apps by apps.

2. Download My Data Manager Free & Droidwall. into your android phone or tablet.


My Data Manager Free [Download]


Droidwall [Download]


3. Once installation done, open up My Data Manager Free app. Ok, from this application, you can monitor the 3G or wifi data usage from every application. You can set mobile notification on different 3G data usage threshold.

4. So, you will now know about which app used the most of your 3G data.


4. Hence, you can now think to limit which apps if you think it is running background and use up your 3G data usage silently. Use Droidwall firewall to limit which app you do not wish to access 3G data.

5. Droidwall is easier to use, just check whatever you don’t like and click apply rules.


6. Cool. You are now done. You wont exceed your 3G/WiFI data usage now/

7. Hope you enjoy my post and the tutorial.

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