ninesky-browser-freeNinesky browser is another alternative browser on your android phone. Comparing to others browser, it is light enough with installation package 1.5MB. Although it is small and light, it features all the basic features where a browser needs. It even supports HTML5 and Flash. It is light and fast. In security wise, it claimed it has powerful security feature and able to detect harmful site. From the monthly installation figure, it seems to be a very popular android browser alternative. See all features and reviews about the broswer after break.

Full Features Of Ninesky Browser

– Supports HTML5 and Flash, can play movie online; supports Google maps.
– Powserful security feature, detect harmful site.
– Embedded search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing
– Bookmarks, visit history and most visited; reading list (like iOS safari)
– Powerful website navigation
– Download manager


Ninesky browser is based on Webkit, therefore it has similar speed with Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It is very simple like Opera mini. It Supports HTML5 and Flash, can play the videos on Youtube, Youku and other websites. Support powerful security feature like UC Web and 360 safe browser. Does not support gesture(like Dolphin) now.Ninesky-Screenshot


The browser dashboard is similar to dolphin browser where it has 8 shorcuts at the homepage of the browser. besides that, it has 4 more buttons to tab to bookmark, history, navigation and feedback. Bookmark and History are normal features of browser. I’m more interested to see the navigation.


With navigation button was tabbed, you will direct to a list of all the featured and top websites with different categories like News, Sports, Society, Movies, Music and some other categories. The navigation is pretty useful if you wish to see all the top news from respective categories randomly.


Besides that, a advance download manager is also featured to manage all your downloaded items and you can browse your downloaded items within browser without need a file manager and find the location of it. Pretty handy and convenient.



Ninesky Browser is free for download in android market, proceed here to download and try it today.

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