As all we know, PPStream from China has started to restricted users out of China to access their server to watch HongKong Series Drama, the reason behind mostly because of the copyright issue. Anyway, Ii have posted few entries to share how can you watch HongKong Series in PPStream (even with restriction) Or use alternative way to watch Hong Kong drama. Here you go another way [Confirm Working] to watch HK drama in PPS without limitation of region. It works in Malaysia. Share and leave your comments if you are from other region. Update: In the previous entry on how to hack and watch TVB drama in PPStream in windows 7 base, here you go any post for Windows XP users since many of you leave messages asking how to run it on XP version. Proceed to instruction after the break.

Steps By Steps For Windows 7

1. Goto C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingPPStream (Enable hidden folder in Windows 7 because AppData folder is a hidden folder)

2. If you do not know how to enable view for hidden files, follow instruction below:

2.1 Click Organize in any of the folder –> Select Folder and search options.


2.2 Select View Tab & check Show hidden files, folders and drives. You should now able to see hidden folders.


3. Inside the folder C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingPPStream, find ppsarea.ini & psnetwork.ini.

4. Open ppsarea.ini, delete everything inside the file and replace it with code below and save.










5. Open psnetwork.ini, delete everything inside the file and replace it with code below and save.










6. Right Click on both of your files and change it to Read-Only.

7. Click Ok and restart your PPStream.

8. You should now see the updated list in PPStream sidebar.

9. Hurray, enjoy!!!image_thumb4

Steps By Steps For XP

1. Goto C:Windows and search ppsarea.ini.

2. Open ppsarea.ini, delete everything inside the file and replace it with code below and save.


3. Right Click on both of your files and change it to Read-Only.

4. Click Ok and restart your PPStream.

5. You should now see the updated list in PPStream sidebar.

6. Hurray, enjoy!!!

Much more easier in Windows XP seems like. Enjoy!!!

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  • Yeoh

    Do you how to do it for ppstream that installed in the iPhone?..

    • vod_xiaojie

      Sorry, so far i do not know..

    • Device Killer

      PPS need to watch HK Drama 1st u need a Jailbreak iPhone then goto search the PPS version 1.0.3 then install it then u can watch all the latest HK Drama. Remember must 1.0.3

      • ZerOne

        hi there, i did install the v1.0.3 and tried to load it. bt unfortunately, it can't even access into the apps. are there any alternative ways? coz it totally cant load into pls advice…

        • Jason Kit

          Download superantispyware ans scan your PC. It should works fine after remove all the spyware.

        • xxx

          cannot leh can u teach us ste by step?

  • Entaro

    What a great discovery.
    Now I can watch Mainland stuff and TVB stuff in England!

    • XiaoJie

      Glad that you like it.

  • Jade

    What if my window is not window 7. I couldn't find any file of ppsarea.ini and psnetwork.ini.

    • XiaoJie

      what OS u r using? xp?

  • duncan

    Thanks for the information, i hope you able to answer this question, can this setup could watch pps hk tv series on apple ipad or window 7 tablet …thanks again…hope you could help…

  • XiaoJie

    Duncan, grankly speaking. i'm still looking way how to make it works in ipad ^^ stay tune..

    • Tommy

      can we use online vpn to log into another country and come back for ppstream?? i haven’t try it, but seems logical..

      there is a online vpn, something bear..

      • Jason Kit

        It looks promising and possible. I never try it but VPN service need to pay extra $$$..

  • smallpig

    How about Australia ???

    • XiaoJie

      Yes, it should works too.

  • eileen

    I can watch but cannot download. Download function has been disabled?

  • pps android

    Any idea on how to do the same for pps on Android?

  • Brand

    PERFECT…. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yo

    great u r my hero ! very well done ….. thanks

  • Free Apk Download

    I was very pleased to uncover this web site. I wanted to thank you for ones time due to this wonderful read!! I definitely appreciated every bit of it and i also have you bookmarked to see new information on your blog.

  • qy

    i have tried all the way mentioned above, but unable to find ppsarea to delete and save to the new code.

    what should i do? thanks

    • Jason Kit

      you should find it if you use win7.

  • Mockee

    THANKS YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winnie

    hi, I use window xp. but i can't find ppsarea.ini. only have psnetwork,ini

    • Jason Kit

      It is Not applicable for Windows Xp =)

  • Entaro

    Is it applicable for Vista as well?

    • Jason Kit

      Yes, should work too.

  • skuah

    Wat abt android?

  • Tiong

    is this unblocked everything include taiwan entertainment show? thanks in advance

    • Jason Kit

      you should see everything with this fix.

      • Tiong

        Thanks ^^

  • ng10

    Thanks a lot for this great discovery. Now no restriction or blocking anymore for the HK series but I found that it can't play smoothly & always lag. Though it looks like streaming 100% before the series start, but it will hang / lag 2 or 3 minutes viewing and it keep on streaming from the beginning. Hope you can help! Thanks in advance.

    • Jason Kit

      i'm streaming fine. It could be your line problem, what service you are using? I suggest to upgrade your internet speed plan ^^ or use spyware software to scan your PC.

  • Doris

    im using window 7 starter but i cant find ppsarea.ini.

  • a1234my

    only mandarin TVB? do u guys get Cantonese?

    • Jason Kit

      Yes, you should get the Cantonese drama as well.

  • Michelle

    I can't find pps area, Where I can find and change it? I use windows XP.

    • Jason Kit

      try a complete search on your pc folder directory..

  • Dylan

    Hi..Any way to do a fix on Mac version of PPS? Thanks.

  • chua

    wat about ipad?

  • Alan

    works prefect. Did what I wanted to

  • Rennie

    i using window 7 but not found ppsarea.ini & psnetwork.ini.

  • Rennie

    i using window 7 but not found ppsarea.ini & psnetwork.ini.

    • Jason Kit

      if cant find it, then use search. You may have different install location of your pps.

    • jasmine

      i can't find as well, not in my d or c drive.

      • Jason Kit

        try to search the pps folder. if still cant get it, try search your c drive.

        • Angel Chan

          Cant find it in either C or D drive… any solution? =(

  • Joon

    Thanks a lot it's work.

  • James

    Tested… Its works like Charms… Thanks for the info and hardwork.

  • David

    Thank you so much, it worked. Took me forever to look for this useful post.

  • kasising

    thanks a lot dude

  • TMS

    thanks, it worked, you are the best

  • dreckker

    any way to do it on a Mac??

  • Ping

    What about mac version?

  • jacqueline

    Hi, any idea to hack kuai shou for hong kong mini series? I’m using samsung galaxy tab.

  • jacqueline

    And pps on galaxy tab too? Thanks!

  • jenny

    Hi, i m able to find the latest hk dramas after following your instructions but i am still able to watch the drama cos of 服务器未响音停止播放 hope you can help

  • yeow

    i cant find ppsarea.ini & psnetwork.ini. ..only hv ppsvodcache

  • Nicole

    what about PPTV in Samsung galaxy note? how to change the setting to watch HK drama ?

  • David

    Why cannot work with the latest PPS player V2.7.0.1471 ???

  • Gavin

    Mine still loads the outdated shows even i have followed all the above steps… can someone tell me y?

  • Alex

    Is there anyone would kindly provide the solution for the mac?

  • Kelvin

    Im using xp. Do I need to do anything to psnetwork.ini? i.e. do I need to make psnetwork.ini as Read-only too?? Pls advise. Thx.

    • Jason Kit

      yes, after edit then revise it back to read only,

      • Kelvin

        Ah! I also need to edit psnetwork.ini, just like Windows 7? I thought for XP we only need to edit ppsarea.ini, as per the instruction above, no? Pls advise. Thx.

        • Jason Kit

          ops.. overlooked.. You should able to see if you follow the instruction.

  • Kelvin

    Yeah it’s working with only editing the ppsarea.ini file :) thx!!

    Another question: in editing the ppsarea.ini file, the ip=3526115369, or shld It be only ip=352611, as per instruction above? I use 352611 only and it’s working 😉 so just wanna make sure :) pls advise. Thx!!

    • Jason Kit

      That is the ip add, you can use the short form iP but i encourage to use full ip.

  • ted

    I have tried your method and i can see the TVB titles loaded. However i can't seem to play it.
    Could it be i am using the latest pps just downloaded last week?

  • stanley

    I have managed to make the changes as listed …however, my windows xp can't display chinese char in the PPStream player. So I can't do a search on the drama I wanted to see even though the left panel can display chinese char. For example, I wanted to watch 秋香怒点唐伯虎, how to search for it if the search field can't accept chinese char? I managed to find the web site that have link to the show but when I click on it, it will try to play the show on a web site embedded with a web based PPStream but can't play showing this message : You are currently viewing the video temporarily not play. How do you get the link to play on my local PPStream player that referred to the revised ppsarea.ini?

    • Jason Kit

      you cannot see chinese character because of your language setting. Change system locale language to chinese PRC and restart. Good luck..

  • ming

    i cant find ppsarea.ini no matter what… Gahhh!!!

  • Kesin

    I tried your method and it was successful but after i shut down and open again.. I cannot even play any show ?

  • Kesin

    And i am from Singapore.

    • Jason Kit

      Make sure u change it back to read only file.

  • Dine

    How about MAC ? Any solution ?

  • ivan

    Managed to load the HK series but the video doesnt load :(
    anyone facing the same problem?

    • shane

      yup, i facing the same problem, pls help

  • shane


    i follow the step of window 7, i can view all the updated drama list on my PPS, but i cant play it…may i know what the problem !?

    • Jack

      I follow every step as you post up there but i can’t find ppsarea.ini file, please help.

      • Jasonkit

        try use windows search to search your files.

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  • deric

    Did anyone try to change the from .pps for android? Change it to hong kong or china

  • Natalie

    I don’t know if it’s just my pps or others are also having the same trouble.. The latest updated version of ppstream doesn’t really effect by this anymore cos i tried it but nothing changes.. Sorry if it’s only my pps have problem.. Just my opinion… ^^ If you don’t mind please help me with my problem too..

  • Brian

    How about vista? does xp method work with vista?

  • lyn

    Its work based on ur method for window XP. However, it can’t work for the latest version PPS I just update to new version of pps. Then as usual hack in the ppsarea file but it still can’t see any Hong kong drama there. How can i watch HK drama?

  • Daniel

    HI! i follow ur step and i can see the latest list on the left in PPS. but i cant watch it, it said 服务不存在,停止播发。please help!

  • Lawrence Ou Yang Keat

    I have try the above instruction , PPS V2.7.0.1488 cannot see any latest HK TVB Movies .. Please Help

  • ck

    also realized cannot watch korean drama too. any helps? the restriction is gained stronger and many movie/ drama also cannot watch. what’s the solution?