android_logo_blogIn order to add a quick shortcut on your android home screen, you do not need any android application. You can easily add your bookmarked websites within any android rom because it is built in feature of android, no matter you are using Gingerbread, Honeycomb or Ice cream sandwich. I checked Google Adsense result almost everyday, a quick shortcut on home screen in perfect to let me goto mobile adsense page easily within  few seconds. Let’s check it out how to make the shortcut.

Creating Website Shortcuts and Pin at Your Android Home Screen

Basically you have 2 ways to make it.


First Method: By using browser feature

1. Open your android stock browser.

2. Click settings button, select bookmarks.

3. Press & hold on the bookmarked page you wish to create shortcut.

4. Select Add shortcut to home.

5. You should see the shortcut has been created.

6. You are done. Let’s goto second method.

google-browser   google-browser 1google-browser 2   google-browser 3

Second Method: By using home screen feature

1. Press and hold at your home screen.

2. Select shortcuts and select bookmark.

3. You will be directed to bookmarked page in browser.

4. Again, select which you wish to create shortcut, select it.

5. Shortcut is on your home screen now.

6. You are done and enjoy!!

how to add website shortcut on android home screen -1   how to add website shortcut on android home screen -2google-browser 2   how to add website shortcut on android home screen

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