Samsung-Galaxy-S3All the three biggest Malaysia Telco , DiGi, Celcom & Maxis had announced their own plan on Samsung Galaxy S3. No doubt, Samsung Galaxy S3 is hot, not only in Malaysia but in many other countries. Samsung Galaxy S3 has been selected as the most popular smartphone in United Kingdom in 2012 via Uswitch website. It has defeated iPhone 4S as the best phone & most popular in UK, following by Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC One X. If you wish to get one in near future, surely you interested on what I going to post, the comparison plan of these 3 Telco.

Celcom Samsung Galaxy S3 Plan As Low As RM1398

The lowest price to get SG3 from Celcom is RM1398 but Celcom is now doing promotion where you may able to own Samsung Galaxy S3 at RM888 if you are lucky and dress blue in Celcom SG3 booth. Try your luck. [Link]

Samsung Galaxy S III
RRP: RM2,199
Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Basic Celcom Exec 50 + Mobile Internet Advance Celcom Exec 250
Monthly Commitment RM 88 RM 108 RM 250
Data FUP 1GB 3GB 5GB
Upfront payment RM 300 RM 300 RM 600
12 months contract RM 1,778 RM 1,748 RM 1,568
18 months contract RM 1,718 RM 1,678 RM 1,398

DiGi Samsung Galaxy S3 Plan As Low As RM1299

DiGi offers 2 different tenure package, 12 & 24 months with 3 different DG Smart Plan, 48, 68 & 88. DG Smart Plan 48 with be bundled with RM1649 device, DG Smart Plan 68 bundled with RM1449 & DG Smart Plan 88 bundled with RM1299.  [Link]

DiGi   Samsung GALAXY SIII

Maxis Samsung Galaxy S3 Plan As Low As RM1399

Maxis is now offering Samsung Galaxy S3 as low as RM1399 with additional 25GB free storage space in their own storage service called Loker. Select the monthly postpaid from Maxis homepage on top of the hardware price below.

Maxis Samsung Galaxy SIII

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