How To Change Font On Samsung Galaxy S3 Without Rooting

How-To-Change-Font-On-samsung-Galaxy-S3- Without-Rooting-1How-To-Change-Font-On-samsung-Galaxy-S3- Without-Rooting-3

Samsung Galaxy S3 come with very good feature where you can change to some beautiful font on all writing without need to root your device. This is additional feature to users though not to root their SGS3 for font customization. This is not a stock feature in ICS firmware but only available for Galaxy S3. Besides that, you can even download different font officially & legally from Google Play Store into your Galaxy S3 for greater font customization.

How To Change Font On Samsung Galaxy S3?

1. Goto Settings-> Display

2. Goto Font –> Set font

3. Find the desired font, you can also get fonts online via Google Play Store to find more font.

4. Download and install.

5. Repeat step 1 to choose your desired font.

6. Enjoy!

How-To-Change-Font-On-samsung-Galaxy-S3- Without-RootingHow-To-Change-Font-On-samsung-Galaxy-S3- Without-Rooting-2

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