How-To-Customize-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-LED-Notification-Blink-Light-ColorI like to know whether I receive any email, SMS, Whatsapp msg, MMS, facebook notification or status of my phone without turning on the screen. By turning on the phone to know the notification, it takes slightly longer time (press power button, slide the screen to unlock). Hence, I prefer to understand these all statuses by looking at the LED notification light color. By defaulting the LED blink light colors, I know which notification is important and what is ignorable. Thanks God as Samsung Galaxy S3 feature with notification LED, unlike my Nexus S that didn’t come with any LED for notification. This post in simply teach you how to customize your Samsung Galaxy S3 LED Notification blink light. I have tested it on my SGS3, it works perfectly, I love it so much. Hope you enjoy the post too.

It is simple enough to customize your LED blink color on Samsung Galaxy S3. Customization LED light is not a default feature in Samsung Galaxy S3, but with this android app, you can customize your LED notification colors to indicates different application notifications. To do that, you DO NOT need to root your SGS3. Awesome!!

1.  Download Light Flow LED from Google Play. | Free version | Pro Version

2. Install it on your SGS3.

3. Execute the app, goto homepage and click on notifications.


4. In notifications, set whatever color you like for the default program available like misses call, charging, SMS, MMS, Low Battery and so on.

5. There are tons of color for your selection.


6. In Light Flow, it supports many of the applications in Google Play Store but most of them ONLy supported in Pro Light Flow version. Anyhow, you can enjoy all the basic function LED notification color customization.


7. Besides that, Light Flow also did some simple modification on your volume adjustment. I would say it is bonus performance of this application. Hope you enjoy the app.

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  • Ricky

    Wow, this is really impressive. I always wonder if there is other color than the conventional red,green,white,blue for Samsung Galaxy S3 and now I know the answer. That’s more than that.

  • LaRocky

    I used this program. The problem I have is that the program seems to drain the battery, even when the phone isn’t doing anything. I did a test where I left the phone idle for 55 mins, and battery drain was 8%-10% with LightFlow installed. I uninstalled LightFlow and did the same test and battery drain was only 4%. Unfortunately, I haven’t found another app that works well with the S3