Qvod_PlayerQvod[Updated Working Link] Finally, I found a way to watch the latest updated TVB Hong Kong series drama on my new iPad 3. I received requests from many readers for the solution to watch HK drama on iPad with PPStream. Sorry to tell that it was still no solution yet on PPStream but you can watch it with Qvod Player. I have tested to watch some episode on my iPad by streaming thru Qvod player. It is smooth and easy. If you are looking way to watch the latest updated hong kong drama from PC (Windows 7 + Windows XP) with region restriction bypass, see this post, it works very well. Ops, abit off topic, let’s continue the topic after the break.

Watch TVB Hong Kong Drama Without Region Restriction On iPad

[Update: Install Qvod on iPad without Jailbreak needed]

Follow steps below to watch your lovely HK drama on iPad.

1. Search Qvod in PC Itunes or App Store in iPad, install Qvod [kuai bo HD] player.  Use your iPad, surf to http://m.91.com/soft/iphone/qvod.html http://file.liqucn.com/upload/2011/shipin/QvodPlayer_1.1.11_liqucn.com.ipa and install the app.

2. Once installation complete, you should see as below.IMG_0103

3. In the address bar, type in www.33md.com. [You can have other sources, but I feel this source is very solid and up to date]IMG_0104

4. Select dramas & episodes you’d like to watch. IMG_0105

5. Qvod player will auto add your items into the “Internet tasks” lists.

6. You will see drama start streaming in front of you.

7. Qvod will download while you streaming the drama.

8. Enjoy your HK drama on iPad.

** TIps : Bookmark the drama link into Qvod for easier accessibility.

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  • bing

    bro, but the qvod player is not malaysia app store.

  • Angie

    Thanks for the great ideas . Is there anyhow to watch tvb drama on the new smart tv without connect wired to pc??thanks in advance

    • Jason Kit

      Yes of course. Get yourself an asiabox media player..

  • Angie

    Any other sources than 33md ?? Please thanks :)

    • Jason Kit

      many other sources available in the China market, so far i found 33md is the best to use.

  • YKoh

    Is it only applicable to jail break version? My download stop half way and said could not be installed….

    • Jason Kit

      Yes, this is only for jailbreak version so far.

  • Christy

    When I downloaded Qvod player on my iPad 3 a week ago, it keeps using up more and more gb usage.. Why is that? Can someone answer this question for me please. Thank you.

    • Jason Kit

      The internet usage raise without streaming or downloading? It is weird.

  • Like hk

    Hi, I try to search the link, but nothing come out. Is a. Plain white screen on my iPad. How ? Pls advise

    • vodeblog

      I have updated the link, you may have a try.

  • elaine

    thanks for this wonderful news, bvut i m facing problem, how can i install the .ipa file ?

    • vodeblog

      Have u jailbreak your iPad??

      • Neo

        Do we have to jailbreak iPad before can install qvod?

        • vodeblog

          I found a way to install the qvod without jailbreak needed. PM me if you wish to know.

  • Karen Tay

    Please guide me how to install qvod without jailbreak on my new iPad. I try the ipa link but safari cannot open the link. To

  • Buttons

    Hi, any idea how to install qvod for samsung smart tv?

  • Candice

    I jailbreak my iPad1 recently. I can’t open the link as safari unable to open it.

  • Jackie

    please tell me how to install qvod without jailbreaking my new ipad.. thank you very much.. hope to hear from you real soon.. :)

  • Camie

    Used your method of applying a china id and managed to save the qvod app onto my new iPad. I did not do the ipa thing, just open the app on my iPad and started watching the serial with success.

    Can I now download the serials or can I only watch via streaming? If can download, how do I go about doing it? And can I now switch back to the Singapore id? Would it still work?

    Thanks for your help. 😉

    • http://www.vodeblog.com Jason Kit

      U can download and stream but cannot save it out from your iPad. When u stream finish, it wkll complete as download. Idf u wish to download only, just press back button. It will appear in another tab as download item. After switching back to Singapore id, it will still work normal.

  • Sky

    I tried to go to the link but nothing came out than 404 not found. Pls help…

    • http://www.vodeblog.com Jason Kit

      Please try again, i tried it and it is OK.

  • Evonne Tan

    Qvod stop working. Solution for download into my android tab. Urgent reply

  • Hans

    Is there an updated link in to install qvod? I just bought my ipad.

  • Jen

    Fail!!!! Pls update!!! Tq

  • Kilo

    Lately, having problem to watch movies in kuaibo. The 765kan.com is not working for days. Any idea?

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