how-to-change-samsung-galaxy-s3-internet-browser-homepage- (2)This tutorial is simply tell you how you can change your internet bowser homepage in your Samsung Galaxy S3. By default, my SGS3 internet browser setting is pointed to the homepage of the tele company website where it actually promoting their plans and some addon services. Everyone do not like advertisement especially those annoying ads which not related to you. I prefer to have Google Search Engine become my homepage when I start up my internet browser. How can we simply change the homepage setting?

This tutorial is simple.

1. Firstly, open your internet browser on Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. Press the capacitive Setting button.

how-to-change-samsung-galaxy-s3-internet-browser-homepage- (3)

3. Goto into Settings menu.

how-to-change-samsung-galaxy-s3-internet-browser-homepage- (4)

4. Select General Setting & click on Set Homepage.

how-to-change-samsung-galaxy-s3-internet-browser-homepage- (5)

5. how-to-change-samsung-galaxy-s3-internet-browser-homepage- (6)

6. Select Other if you wanted to set your own homepage else you can select blank page as default. how-to-change-samsung-galaxy-s3-internet-browser-homepage- (1)

7. You are done and you can see the default page you set when you open your internet browser in your SGS3.

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  • Clint

    Thanks a million! I’m a “power” users but new to the hand held computer arena (smart phones). Tricky buggers! I did not think to scroll down in the internet browser settings menu.