How-To-Use-Free-Wifi-Hotspot-Tether-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 (9)Wifi tethering normally use to share your smartphones 3G/4G service as Wifi to other devices. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 works as a modem to broadcast the 3G/4G internet signal to your other devices like laptop, computer, iPad, other Android devices, iPhone as long as they can receive WiFi signal. Wifi Hotsop tethering is a great feature and you can use it without rooting your Galaxy S3.

It is simple to enable your Wifi Hotspot Thethering and make a security password to grant access to the shared network. Follow steps below to enable wifi tethering on Galaxy S3.

1. Goto Settings –> Data Usage , check on Mobile data to enable your 3G data service first.How-To-Use-Free-Wifi-Hotspot-Tether-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 (2)

2. Goto to main Settings page, select Data Usage –> More Settings.

3. Select Tethering and portable hotspot.How-To-Use-Free-Wifi-Hotspot-Tether-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 (3)

4. Turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot with the switch button.How-To-Use-Free-Wifi-Hotspot-Tether-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 (5)

5. Press on the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to enter to configuration settings.

6. Your default WiFi Hotspot name is AndroidAP.

7.  Press Configure button to change the Network SSID to any name you wish to.

8. Choose security to WPA2 PSK ,set your own password and save. How-To-Use-Free-Wifi-Hotspot-Tether-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 (7)

9. You may also manually assign specific devices to connect to your network with MAC address. How-To-Use-Free-Wifi-Hotspot-Tether-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S3 (8)

Please take note

A blue icon Wifi tethering logo will be appeared on the notification bar once it is activated. To turn it off, follow step 1 until step 4 to turn it off.

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