NatGeo15 (640x400)Apple has secretly keep some wallpapers in your newly upgraded OS X Mountain Lion. It is such a waste if it were saved in your Mac but not in use. OS X daily has posted a way how to expose these all 43 hidden Mountain Lion wallpapers in just few steps. All the wallpapers are beautiful and gorgeous, they are all in HD 3200×2000 resolution. You can copy out the hidden wallpapers and use it as your Mac desktop wallpapers. Let’s check out all the wallpapers and how you can get it from Mountain Lion OS X.

How To Access To OS X Mountain Lion Secret Wallpapers

1.  Open Finder and press Command + Shift + G.

2. You will see a “Go To Folder

3. Copy and paste /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.Framework/Versions/A/Resources/Default Collections/ into the blank.

4. Finder will open 4 folders and all of them are hidden wallpapers.

5. Copy them out to any place / desktop and use it as your desktop wallpapers.

43 Gorgeous OS X Mountain Lion Hidden Wallpapers [Download Link]

NatGeo17 (640x400)

NatGeo09 (640x400)

NatGeo15 (640x400)

NatGeo01 (640x400)

NatGeo12 (640x400)

NatGeo07 (640x400)

NatGeo05 (640x400)

NatGeo14 (640x400)

NatGeo03 (640x400)

NatGeo16 (640x400)

NatGeo10 (640x400)

NatGeo04 (640x400)

NatGeo13 (640x400)

NatGeo08 (640x400)

NatGeo11 (640x400)

NatGeo06 (640x400)

NatGeo02 (640x400)

Aerial02 (640x400)

Aerial06 (640x400)

Aerial01 (640x400)

Aerial09 (640x400)

Aerial08 (640x400)

Aerial03 (640x400)

Aerial07 (640x400)

Aerial04 (640x400)

Aerial05 (640x400)

Cosmos03 (640x400)

Cosmos01 (640x400)

Cosmos02 (640x400)

Cosmos05 (640x400)

Cosmos07 (640x400)

Cosmos08 (640x400)

Cosmos06 (640x400)

Cosmos09 (640x400)

Cosmos04 (640x400)

NaturePatterns07 (640x400)

NaturePatterns06 (640x400)

NaturePatterns01 (640x400)

NaturePatterns05 (640x400)

NaturePatterns08 (640x400)

NaturePatterns03 (640x400)

NaturePatterns04 (640x400)

NaturePatterns02 (640x400)

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