Apple iPhone 5 is coming on this 21 September  and if you have made an iPhone 5 pre-order from Apple Store. While waiting to receive your brand new iPhone 5, you might check out some new accessories for your iPhone 5. Some new iPhone 5 accessories are now available in Apple Store. For example, new headphone named ear pods, new lightning to 30 pin adapter 0.2m, lightning to 30 pin adapter & lightning to USB cable. Price were revealed on these all new accessories for your new iPhone 5. If you own iPhone 4 r 4S, probably some of the old accessories are not usable anymore for the new iPhone 5 due to the change on lightning connector. Check out what accessories you should have for your new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Lightning to USB Cable [RM69.00 – Bundled W/ iPhone5]

Iphone5 lightning to USB cable

This cable is brand new to cater the change of lightning connector of iPhone 5. It should come together with your iPhone 5 in box as it is one of the cable to use for battery charging. In case you need more similar cable for charging or spare, purchase it at RM69 in Apple Store here.

iPhone 5 EarPods With Remote & Mic [RM109.00 – Bundled W/ iPhone5]

Iphone5 Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

The brand new designed iPhone 5 headphone named Earpods is shipped together with your iPhone 5 in box. The earpods is come together with remote and mic. According to reviews, the new designed iPhone 5 Earpods have much better sound quality and more comfortable on wearing. For iPhone 4S and 4 users, you may consider to purchase one new set Earpods from Apple Store at RM109 here. It is nice to have it.

iPhone 5 Lightning to 30-pin Adapter with 0.2m Length [RM139.00 Stand alone]

Alright, this is the one that you may need very much if you are iPhone 4S and 4 users especially those who had purchased a lot accessories for their iPhone 4S/4. As we know, Apple has changed the new connector to lightning connector and the old 30pin connector will be abandoned. You need this adaptor to convert the the 30 pin connector to lightning connector. It is very useful to all the old accessories you have. I would say this is a must have adaptor for you. You HAVE to purchase it because the iPhone 5 will NOT come with this cable. Priced at RM139 here.

iPhone 5 Lightning to 30-pin Adapter [RM109.00 Stand alone]

This adaptor is very similar to Lightning to 30 pin adapter but not with any length of cable. It also NOT a part of the iPhone 5 bundle package. You HAVE to purchase it separately. I would suggest to purchase the adaptor come with 0.2m instead of this. It will be more flexible instead of having fix position adaptor like this. You can buy it here at RM109 in Apple Store.

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