Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is officially launched now in Malaysia after the launch event. It will be available officially in Malaysia starting from 19th October. Digi, is the first telco who revealed their plan on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with bundle. Pre-order is now available and you will receive Galaxy Note 2 on hand on 19th October. The bundle price is as low as RM1399 for 2 years contract.

Digi is now offering 2 color of Galaxy Note 2, marble white and puddle blue. There are total 4 options you can choose to get Galaxy Note 2 from DiGi. It includes DiGi Smart Plan 48 for 12 months and 24 months; DiGi Smart Plan 68 for 12 months and 24 months, DiGi Smart Plan 88 for 12 months and 24 months.

Check all plans below in details. Pre-order now from DiGi – Link.

DiGi Smart Plan 48 with 12 Months Contractdigi-smart-plan48-12month

DiGi Smart Plan 48 with 24 Months Contractdigi-smart-plan48-24month

DiGi Smart Plan 68 with 12 Months Contractdigi-smart-plan68-12month

DiGi Smart Plan 68 with 24 Months Contractdigi-smart-plan68-24month

DiGi Smart Plan 88 with 12 Months Contractdigi-smart-plan88-12month

DiGi Smart Plan 88 with 24 Months Contract


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