Guys, I think many of the Samsung Galaxy S3 users are looking for ways how to downgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean back to ICS Ice Cream Sandwich Stock firmware. Why do you need to downgrade Jelly Bean? Obviously, the overall performance of Jelly Bean Stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3 is disappointing, very disappointing. Delay, lag, force close happening very often after JB upgrade. I’m pretty sure you agree on what I say if you are S3 international users.

Reasons Why You Need To Downgrade Galaxy S3 Back To Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

1. Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S3 is slow, lag, delay, and experiencing frequent force close.

2. ICS on Samsung Galaxy S3 is perfectly smooth.

3. Battery life ICS On S3 is obliviously better than JB on S3.

4. High memory usage on JB with normal usage.

How To Downgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean To Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Stock Firmware

Below tutorial will guide you how to downgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean android 4.1.1 stock ROM back to ICS android 4.0.4. Make sure you have make a complete backup before start (see here). Please take note, this tutorial is tested only on Stock Jelly Bean without custom recovery.

You will not lose the Samsung Warranty even you do ROM flashing. It is because you are flashing stock ROM but not custom ROM or any custom modification.


1. Download ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock ROM Firmware. Below are some links from SamMobile to download the stock ROM. Extract them into a folder and you should see XXXXXXXXXX.tar.md5.

  • GT-I9300 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Malaysia | Link
  • GT-I9300 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Singapore (Singtel)  | Link
  • GT-I9300 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Singapore (StarHub) | Link
  • GT-I9305 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Singapore (Singtel) | Link

2. Download Samsung Odin3_v3.04 for PC and extract to a folder.

3. Turn off Samsung Galaxy S3.

4. Press Power + Volume down + home button and enter download mode. IMG_20121129_233156IMG_20121129_233223

5. Press Volume up to continue to download mode.

6. Connect micro USB cable from PC to Galaxy S3.

7. Execute Odin3 v3.04.exe. Make sure Auto Reboot and P.Reset Time are checked. downgrade-galaxy-s3-jelly-bean-to-ICS

8. Make sure you see the “Added” on the left bottom corner.

9. Press PDA button and locate the XXXXXXXXXX.tar.md5.

10. Press Start button.

11. Wait for couple of minutes until the Odin flash the file completely into your Galaxy S3. Make sure you see the “PASS”, this indicate your flashing is complete.


12. Your Galaxy S3 is now reboot.

13. If you stuck on the Samsung logo, try and press the power button for more than 3 seconds. It should boot up.

14. If you still stuck, remove the battery and shut down the device.

15. Press Power + Volume Up + home button to enter recovery mode.

16. Press volume down button to wipe data/factory reset.

17. Select and continue to wipe cache partition.

18. Select Reboot system now.

19. Now you should able to enjoy back the ICS stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3.

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  • iji iji

    ‘Select’ using ‘Home’ button… :)

  • ajrehman

    I updated mine to 4.1.2 its lagy and i hate it .if i downgrade will my flash player still be there

    • Jason Kit

      U will still have the flash player if u downgrade to ice cream sandwich 4.0.4

  • Rendy

    which one for Indonesia region :

    GT-I9300 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Malaysia | Link
    GT-I9300 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Singapore (Singtel) | Link
    GT-I9300 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Singapore (StarHub) | Link
    GT-I9305 ICS Android 4.0.4 Stock Firmware I9300XXBLH1 for Singapore (Singtel) | Link

    • Jason Kit

      None from here. But u can use the Malaysia version. Be sure u r on normal 3g or 4g lte. Check put more firmware from Sam mobile.

  • Rendy

    thanks jason i;m successfully install my ICS on samsung galaxy s3 😉

    i’ve got download for indonesian version at samsung update.

    very thanks n success for you…

  • heather

    so will any of these work for verizon USA? besides, it’s taking all day to download…not sure if i’m even doing it right, and phone isn’t working until link download is over

    • Jason Kit

      Do not use link below for Verizon device. It may brick your phone. You can find the right firmware inside SamMobile, download and follow step above to downgrade.

  • heather

    it didn’t work for me. Odin said fail. why didn’t it work?

    • Jason Kit

      Make sure you install correct drivers. Download and install Samsung Kies.

  • vishal

    Which one for india???

    Is there any alternative method .. means can we do it with kies also??

    • Jason Kit

      Samsung Kies will not able to downgrade. This is the only way. You need to search the firmware in to get official india ICS stock ROM.

  • peter

    Just to let u all know when upgraded to jellybean yr Netflix won’t work or timewarner cable apps, u will see movies but hear nothing, its all crap, Samsung lost me as a customer

    • peter

      P.S take yr cell bak to a tech where u got it from and they can down grade it for u, u.s cellular did mine but that’s my carrier

  • yee

    I’ve followed your steps. But why it’s still JellyBean?
    What should I do?

  • yee

    I saw another post of yours regarding “restore” ICS..
    and both the files for the same option are different.
    Is that meaning that restore and downgrade are different?
    My S3 was updated from ICS to JellyBean, so should use restore or downgrade or both same?

    • Jason Kit

      Restore is restoring previous state. U will still in jb. Follow the downgrade post to get back your ICS. It is much better if u dun use custom ROM.

  • James David

    I am using a Mac with OSX Lion. Do you have instructions on how I would be able to downgrade to ICS?

    • Jason Kit

      Odin is just for windows. Mac will not able to use. If you do not have Windows, you can install with Odin mobile but you need to have root and custom recovery first.

  • gabrushakin

    awesome man….this page provided good info ……..till the last step…….thnx alot…it worked out …………………peoploe can download the original roms from sammobile just for the info…..thnxxxx….again to the creator of this page… rock..

  • violet

    may I ask, downgrade jelly bean to ICS will lost all my phone memory?

    • Jason Kit

      Yes, things in SD card will still remain. Phone memory will be erased .

  • jacch

    I have a T-mobile galaxy S3 and I want to downgrade to ics. Does the Malaysia firmware will help me to downgrade to ics?

  • jacch

    Can u help me find a firmware for my SGH-T999?

  • Boka

    I’m from Bosnia and yesterday I receive 4.1.2 update and update is slow down my phone. I wait about 5 seconds to open contacts.

    • Jason Kit

      I agree that some of the update doesn’t really improve the overall performance. I’m using custom Jelly Bean ROM for my Galaxy S3. It works flawlessly so far. Love it.

  • Eman

    Hi sir,
    Can you please help me by providing a link to the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 firmware for SAMSUNG S3 GT-I9300
    I am from Bahrain
    thank you

    • Jason Kit

      Hi, you can search inside the sammobile firmware page.

  • jellynotsobelly

    thanks mate…worked well

  • booger

    I have been stuck on the “wipe data/factory reset” for some time now. The android guy shows up on my screen with a spinning polygon in his tummy.

  • Mel

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2X, will that change any steps? The Jelly Bean just doesn’t work with me, I desperatly want to go back to Ice Cream Sandwich.