Oh yea, multi windows is exclusive feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There is no other phones are running multi windows feature, Galaxy S3 maybe coming in near future but not available now. Erm.. Multi windows feature also pretty new to me and it is also limited to specify applications. Not all of the applications are supported by Multi windows. In fact, it is still very useful especially on Galaxy Note 2 with big screen size. Someone may ask how to enable it and someone may ask how to disable it due to the annoying selection button appear on the side screen.

How To Enable Multi Windows On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

1. Firstly, make sure you are in latest Galaxy Note 2 firmware, XXALJ1. You will not see Multi windows feature if you are in old stock firmware.

2. Press and hold the back button for 2 seconds.

3 Multi windows menubar will appear on left side by default.

4. You can drag the sidebar to top, bottom, left and right by holding the transition button.

5. Drag the icons inside the sidebar to the screen.

6. Screen will spit into 2 with 2 applications running.

7. Adjust the size bar at the center to adjust the application screen size allocation.

How To Disable Multi Windows On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Simply press and hold the back button for more than 2 seconds to disable multi windows feature. Easy right??

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