I asked around many of my friends who are using the Galaxy S3 who had recently updated their S3 to Jelly Bean. Many of them having same issue as mine. Freezing, delay, laggy after upgraded to official Jelly Bean on their S3.  It should be a great news to have Jelly Bean running on S3. In fact, the great news brought problems and problems behind it. The jelly bean ROM getting lagging and instant delay. It happened randomly and restart doesn’t help at all. To be frank, the “faster” Jelly Bean on Galaxy S3 is poorer in overall performance, comparing ICS. It doesn’t fit the fact of smoother and faster as what Google claimed.

It is hardly to believe the long awaited Jelly Bean on Galaxy S3 is vulnerable. After many tries, I decided to try the factory reset. [I tried clean the cache, uninstall apps, change launcher, delete unused running background ap, restart and so on]

1. Firstly, I have a complete backup on my Galaxy S3 with Mybackup Free/Pro [Complete tutorial here]. Remember to backup both Application & Media and Data. The backup can be stored in the SD card or internal storage. Make sure you copy out from SD or internal SD for restoration.

2. Goto Settings –> Back up and reset –> Factory Reset –> Reset Device

3. Once reset complete, device will reboot.

4. Complete all the needed sign in.

5. Install Mybackup free/pro again from Google Play Store.

6. Copy the backup files back to your SD or internal storage.

7. Goto restore.

8. Restore both both Application & Media and Data.

I have tested it with factory reset. So far, it is still working fine. No laggy or delay so far on what I experienced. However, Backup and restore your device complete is a pain. Feel free to leave your comment if you experiencing same condition or having better solution.

Fortunately, my Galaxy Note 2  works just fine with Jelly Bean ^^

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  • Steven

    I experienced the same problems after JB update….after 1 week of usage of JB, i flash my S3 back to ICS with official firmware…not going to update my S3 to JB until it is proven to be faster and stable than ICS…

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