WP8-for-HD2-DFTHTC HD2 is legend, indeed. Finally, Windows Phone 8 WP8 has been successfully ported and running on legendary HTC HD 2. Many folks expected and refused the compatibility of WP8 on HD2. The fact here today brought us that this legendary smartphone can make it. Big thanks to the Dark Forces Team (DFT) Cotulla who has successfully brought us the miracle. For your information, HTC HD2 is the only device able and success to run Windows Phone7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8, Android, Ubuntu, Meego, and Windows Mobile OS platform. It is ridiculously amazing device.

In fact, WP8 on HTC HD2 is at the very beginning phase of development. Many of the features are still not working, like camera due to the incompatible running drivers on WP8 platform. There are still a lot of jobs to be done. There is no WP8 ROM release for HD2 yet but we look forward to see the stable WP8 release on HD2. We put high respect and appreciate what the developers are doing and going to do.

Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROM is now available for HD2. You can make attempt on WP7.8 while waiting WP8 release for HD2. Below is the recommended WP7.8 ROM for HD2.

WP7.8OS 7.10.8858.136 RMT v8.6

Dynamics HD2O 2.00 WP7.8 8858



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