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After we have added the public holidays into your Google Calendar, we are now try to sync your Google Calendar with the Samsung Calendar. Off course, the Samsung Calendar is only available on Samsung devices. The reason to sync with your Samsung Calendar is the Samsung Sync and Samsung Cloud are interlink with S Planner, S Memo and S Note. Synchronization will bring all needed information into one place. Check out how to sync your Samsung Calendar with Google Calendar after the break.

How To Sync Samsung Calendar With Google Calendar

1. Login to your Samsung account.

2. Ensure Sync Calendar is On  (Settings –> Accounts and Sync –> Samsung Account –> Sync Calendar)

3. Sign in to Gmail account.

4. Ensure Sync Calendar is On (Settings –> Accounts and Sync –> Gmail Account –> Sync Calendar)

5. Goto Samsung Calendar.

6. Press on the Calendars button on the top bar.Screenshot_2012-12-09-17-36-33

7. Tick which calendars to show in your Samsung Calendar including the Gmail calendar.Screenshot_2012-12-09-17-18-39

8. You are done.

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