HD2WP7.jpgGreat great news for all HTC HD2 users who are using Windows Phone (WP). Windows Phone 7.8 ROM (WP7.8) is now available for HTC HD2. The installation was recorded in video by the JuicyBoose, the developers of the rom. The WP7.8 looks very promising and make me feel to re-flash my HTC HD2 with WP7.8. The only way to have WP7.8 on HD2 is flashing custom ROM, there is impossible to have official WP7.8 for it. Windows Phone marketplace is also able to be activated. Check it out after the break.

How To Install WP7.8 On HTC HD2 (Video Guide) ?

This is an old video but with new software download, the installation is identical with new software.

How To Install WP7.8 On HTC HD2? Tutorial

Check out the full installation steps from PDF file below. It is very complete guide to help you install WP7.8 on HD2.

How To Activate Windows Marketplace on HTC HD2

Go to gethelp.live.com, windows phone 7, marketplace, contact us. Sign in using your hotmail account and ask for an activation code, you’ll be asked for mobile number, first name and surname and you’ll have your 25 digit code in seconds
Please download “HTC Sync” before doing this. otherwise you get usb fails.

Download Needed Tools

HSPL4 (2.08)
File 1
1_HD2 Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.8 OS 7.10.8858.136 RMT v8.7
0404 CHT Chinese Traditional 台灣
0407 DEU German Deutschland
0409 USA English United States
0419 RUS Russian Россия
041F Turkhis Türkçe
0421 Indonesian
043E Malay
File 2
2_HD2 Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.8 OS 7.10.8858.136 RMT v8.7
0405 CSY Czech Česká republika
0406 DAN Danish Danmark
0408 ELL Greek Ellas
0409 USA English United States
040B FIN Finnish Suomen tasavalta
040C FRA French République française
040E Hungarian Magyar
0410 ITA Italian Repubblica Italiana
0416 PTB Portuguese Brasil
0C0A ESN Spanish España
0809 English United Kingdom
0816 PTG Portugese Portugal
File 3
3_HD2 Pdaimatejam Rom Wp7.8 OS 7.10.8858.136 RMT v8.7
0409 USA English United States
0411 JPN Japanese 日本
0412 KOR Korean 한국
0413 NLD Dutch Nederland
0414 NOR Norwegian Bokmål
0415 PLK Polish Polska
041D SVD Swedish Sverige
0804 CHS Chinese Simplified 中华人民共和国

[Via Xda]

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