Qvod kuaibo for mac 快播Finally, Qvod (kuaibo) for Mac is now finally available!! This is really a glad glad news for all the Mac lovers yet Qvod lover. Qvod is one of the powerful and complete video player for entertainment. It supports most of the video format, audio format as well as pictures. Nowadays, Qvod or Kuibo 快播 supports almost all PC and mobile OS platform, Windows, Android, iOS for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Kuaibo for mac

Besides all the supported video & audio format, Qvod is known as popular online streaming media player and supports most of the China sources. Wait not, download the Qvod for Mac today and try it out. It won’t disappoint you.

Qvod (Kuaibo) For Mac is now available for latest Mountain Lion Mac OS X.

Proceed to Kuaibo.com to get your iOS, android and windows version.

Download Qvod (Kuaibo) For Mac (Link)

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