The next Malaysia’s election is around the corner, could be around March and latest by April, Celcom has introduced an exclusive SMS and MMS services to inform you the latest Pilihan Ray Umum (PRU-13) general information, election results as well as your voting status. All Celcom and postpaid customers can use and enjoy this convenience services. Check out more and how-to after the break.

update Malaysia PRU-13 Election via Celcom SMS & MMS

Be the one who concerns your country most. Become a legal voter and fight for your nation.

SMS Services

Check your voting status
Find out if you are eligible to vote by providing your IC Number.
Send SPR <NRIC> to 29292

Get the latest election results
Be the first to know of the latest DUN and Parliament poll results.
Send ON PR <NRIC> to 29292

Get general information on the elections
Be enlightened by interesting facts on SPR, previous PRU history and more.
Send ON TP to 29292

MMS Services

Get pictures of the candidates
Know who to vote for with pictures of the PRU-13 candidates.
Just send MP <NRIC> to 29292

Note: RM0.50 will be charged per SMS or MMS sent. No charges apply for receiving SMS or MMS.

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