facebook-messengerFacebook’s latest product – Facebook Chat Heads could be cool to somebody but not all. I’m one of those who dislike and dissatisfy on this product, sorry to tell that. I experiences sluggish and force close with Facebook Chat Heads. The notifications doesn’t appear on time and always having delay of time. To be frank, it is juicy if facebook chat heads is working smooth and do not eat that much of RAM. Anyhow, I just feel to disable it on my android devices. Let’s check out how.

How To Remove Facebook Chat Heads

In Android, Facebook Chat Heads is a feature embedded in Facebook Messenger. It is enabled by default when you install Facebook messenger. To disable it, simply follow instruction below:

  1. Open up your Facebook Messenger.
  2. Press the Setting/Menu Button (Capacitive button). You should see screen below.How To Disable Facebook Chat Heads (4)
  3. Press NotificationsHow To Disable Facebook Chat Heads (3)
  4. Un-check Chat Heads.How To Disable Facebook Chat Heads (1)

You have now removed the chat heads from your Facebook Messenger. Leave us comment if you have questions.

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