Communication medium is playing vital role in today’s advanced world. People always want fast and secure communication medium for business and other related purpose. There are number of reliable communication mediums available in the market, such as messenger Apps. Communication with Messaging Apps is considered as reliable and secure. IF we look in the international market, there are number of messenger apps available in the market, in this article we have shortlist 10 best and most popular communication app in 2013. message

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Skype is considered as most convenient and user friendly Andriod mobile app. It possess quite user friendly interface for Andriod Mobile App users. Users can easily create an account in it and make friends and start messaging with friends and family. It possess quite large database for Skype users that is quite helpful for finding friends for messaging. Its UI is updated on regular basis with new and advanced features. It posses rich interface for IM messaging, Audio and Video Calling and most of Its free.


What s App

WhatsApp is also considered as one the best app for messaging, infect if we look out most of its marketing campaigns they are focusing most on messaging. It has quite user friendly interface for messaging, it’s quite easy to make friends and chat with friends. Currently it is recognized as one if biggest messaging platform on the internet. There are millions of users registered with it utilizing it for best messaging.



Hangout is quite inspirational app for messaging, having quite advanced UI and quality services to attract users and also for providing them best messaging services. It is also known as “Google Talk”. This app possess quite interactive interface, which is quite friendly for messaging, according to latest market research this is best utilized on tablets and smartphones. This App is quite good app for users who want something different.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook the famous social media application possess quite advanced and unique Messenger known as Facebook Messenger. This app is considered one of best app social media interaction possessing quite interactive and user friendly interface for social media messaging. As lots of users are already members of Facebook, so they can utilize this app to chat with friends and family.



Viber is also great creative application for messaging lovers. It has quite fast user interface, with lot of innovative, although this application is widely used for VOIP calling but it due to its free messaging services this app is quite useful application for messaging lovers to interact and chat with friends and family.



Another quite useful application for Feel free in touch with your family and friends. Send text messages and video, share photos and discover news content. Have fun, meet new people and make voice calls free high quality. Most importantly imo supports multiple services such as Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Google Talk.



Textra is one of best messaging app for android lovers. This application possess quite interactive UI with quite advanced features like If someone send multiple pictures via MMS , it will scroll through them quite easily, as you do in your stock messaging app . Textra is a really good SMS application, with tons of Emoticons and functions to interact with close ones.

Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is a messaging application developed by GO Development Team with quite interactive and advanced features and application to go with. Go SMS Pro allows users to send and receive SMS and MMS messages free of cost over Wi-Fi. User can send creative funny pictures, voice, audio and video to friends and family . Schedule automatic announcements and easily block spam messages.

HandCent SMS

Hand Cent SMS

HandCent SMS application is great application having something different, this app always attracts users who like something different, so it’s another great customizable messaging app . Handcent SMS is one of the most popular and widely used applications. It offers many useful features, like managing individual based messaging, the background color of SMS bubbles background , font color , blocking private messages , taking snapshots , scheduled messaging sending which is quite attractive feature for lot of messaging lovers.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger

We all know yahoo messenger, it is recognized on of the oldest messenger, used for interaction with friends and family. You can stay in touch with your friends and family with the Yahoo! Messenger application for Android.. Users can easily end and receive SMS text messages to phone numbers all around the world like in USA, Philippines, Canada, Thailand, and more. Share photos, videos and stay connected with your friends on Facebook.

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