10 Best & Popular Android Messaging Apps 2013

Communication medium is playing vital role in today’s advanced world. People always want fast and secure communication medium for business and other related purpose. There are number of reliable communication mediums available in the market, such as messenger Apps. Communication with Messaging Apps is considered as reliable and secure. IF we look in the international market, there are number of messenger apps available in the market, in this article we have shortlist 10 best and most popular communication app in 2013. message


Youtube 5.0 For Android Is Out with Revamped Beautiful UI and Awesome Features


Google today push out Android 5.0 version for all Android users. The new Android Youtube 5.0 app has revamped with neat and beautiful UI which is  similar to the new Google Play Store and Google Plus. The new UI for youtube is one of the early platform preparation for Google Now and Google Glass which run search engine in info card format. The new Youtube version 5.0 brings huge improvement not only on UI experience but also practically hands-on improvement. I say the Youtube 5.0 is really AWESOME. Check out the details after the break as well as the download link.


Push-To-Talk Voice Message On Whatsapp Is Now Available

whatsapp-push-to-talk-voice-messagingUndoubtedly, Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile messenger in Malaysia. Almost all of my friends in my phone list are using Whatsapp frequently to substitute SMS. Nevertheless, WeChat is getting more popular and chasing up with their voice message feature as well as their mini WeChat social network. Today, Whatsapp is updated to push out Voice Messager on Whatsapp. You can send a short voice message to your friend with push-to-talk button, similar to WeChat and Facebook messenger.  (more…)

Minuum Keyboard APK Download

It has been a long time after I first see the introduction of Minuum Keybaord. Minuum Keyboard is a new concept of keyboard which minimize your keyboard space on smartphone or tablet screen. This little keyboard helps to reserve more display size for your screen content instead of keyboard size. The first beta version is now released to public if you signed in the beta access to this project. If you haven’t done that, subscribe it today and get the latest news and updates from Minuum. Check out the introduction video above and short review after the break.


How To Remove Uninstalled Apps From Google Play Store Library Record

How To Remove Apps From Google Play Store Library (2)Google Play Store has a default feature to record whatever applications you have downloaded from Google Play Store. The apps were remained in the library list although you uninstall the applications from your device, it could be an application you have installed few years ago. It become a trouble when you need to reset and restore your android devices with your Google account. Why? Android device will re-install everything listed in the applications download list automatically into your device while you actually do not need all of them to be installed after reset. In order to avoid unnecessary download and install, we have to remove the unnecessary applications from the library list before restoration.


Samsung Galaxy S4 AccuWeather Widget (Download)

Galaxy-S4-AccuWeather-WidgetDue to the Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked system dump, many system functions can be extracted from it. Samsung Galaxy SIV AccuWeather is one of them. AccuWeather is the stock weather widget in most of the android Samsung devices. You can now install the Galaxy S4 AccuWeather widget on your Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other Samsung devices, probably. The SGS4 AccuWeather widget is extracted in zip file and can be installed through custom recovery. If you have a rooted device with CWM/TWRP recovery, you may try this out yourself. Installation is simple, boot into recovery, select and flash the downloaded zip file. Download and try it now after the break.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Software Presentation

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now official. Samsung Galaxy S4 shall be available by end of April. Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order has just started in United Kingdom. Today, Samsung released the software introduction of Samsung Galaxy S4 which including eyeball tracking, AirView, S Translator, dual camera, sound & shot. Apparently, Samsung focused and put a lot of effort on the new software features and improvement. In hardware specification wise, Glove friendly is one of the new hardware feature where you can touch and control the screen with the glove, which has been seen on Nokia Lumia 920. Check out the official software presentation from Samsung during Samsung Unpacked Event.

Google To Discontinue Google Reader, Serve You Until 1st July 2013

Today, I would like to share a bad news. Google is going to discontinue Google Reader which I found it was perfectly useful and I nearly use it almost everyday. Google Reader is certified to be discontinued, will not available after July 1, 2013. To summarize, Google Reader is Google’s product since 2005, it is a RSS reader where you can add any blog’s or websites’ RSS into the reader for viewing instead of going towards the websites.



How To Remote Control iTunes With Android Phone

iTunes is one of the great music player on Mac. I love it very much especially after release of iTunes 11. iTunes 11 become much lighter and smarter. I wish to have a remote control on my Mac’s iTunes. Controlling iTunes with my android smartphone is a perfect solution. I got a great solution here with just few pennies. Let’s check out how we could remote control the iTunes with android phone.

how to remote control itunes with android phone


Jolla Sailfish OS SDK Is Available For Download Now

Mobile platform OS is getting more important and popular. After the emerge of iOS and Android, lately we saw Ubuntu Touch as well as FIrefox OS running on mobile devices. Jolla Sailfish OS is one of the new OS platform for mobile devices. As promised, Jolla Sailfish SDK is delivered to public on Feb 2013. Jolla Sailfish SDK is now open for download to public (Developers). The Jolla Sailfish SDK is only available for desktop linux base, 32 and 64bit. Jolla Sailfish SDK for Windows and Mac yet to be released soon. Check out the introduction video on Jolla Sailfish as well as the download link after the break.

SailfishOS org


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