iOS7: Whatsapp For iPhone Get Overhaul

Finally, Whatsapp for iPhone has been updated and overhauled to give a smiler iOS7 look and feel today. Besides the iOS7 design UI, the new Whatsapp for iOS7 has also bring bunch of improvement and new features. After 3 months the release of iOS7, we got fresh new iOS7 style whatsapp today. Whatsapp is still a Free application on iOS7 for one year and continue with a small pay for each year afterwards.

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New Youtube for iOS Updated With Fancy Multitasking

youtube.pngAfter the great update of Youtube for Android in version 5.0 with multitasking and revamped beautiful UI, now same features of Youtube is releasing for iOS platform. In the new version 2.0 Youtube for iOS, you can easily browse to the Youtube Playlist while you are still watching on a video, this feature is smiler to pop-up browser or pop-up video player for youtube. It is cool and awesome feature from Google. Besides that, you got the new “Play All” button to play endless entertainment with Youtube for iOS. I strongly believe you will love the new Youtube after this grand update.


Push-To-Talk Voice Message On Whatsapp Is Now Available

whatsapp-push-to-talk-voice-messagingUndoubtedly, Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile messenger in Malaysia. Almost all of my friends in my phone list are using Whatsapp frequently to substitute SMS. Nevertheless, WeChat is getting more popular and chasing up with their voice message feature as well as their mini WeChat social network. Today, Whatsapp is updated to push out Voice Messager on Whatsapp. You can send a short voice message to your friend with push-to-talk button, similar to WeChat and Facebook messenger.  (more…)

Google To Discontinue Google Reader, Serve You Until 1st July 2013

Today, I would like to share a bad news. Google is going to discontinue Google Reader which I found it was perfectly useful and I nearly use it almost everyday. Google Reader is certified to be discontinued, will not available after July 1, 2013. To summarize, Google Reader is Google’s product since 2005, it is a RSS reader where you can add any blog’s or websites’ RSS into the reader for viewing instead of going towards the websites.



Download Free Real Racing 3 For iPhone ,iPad and iPod Touch

iOS Real Racing 3 is now free for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Real Racing is hyper-realistic racing game with high resolution display.  It took 700MB+ for the entire game download. It was a very quality game from the well known gaming company, EA.



Download Qvod (Kuaibo) For Mac

Qvod kuaibo for mac 快播Finally, Qvod (kuaibo) for Mac is now finally available!! This is really a glad glad news for all the Mac lovers yet Qvod lover. Qvod is one of the powerful and complete video player for entertainment. It supports most of the video format, audio format as well as pictures. Nowadays, Qvod or Kuibo 快播 supports almost all PC and mobile OS platform, Windows, Android, iOS for iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Free Android VPN – Hideman

Hideman free vpn android iosI unintendedly found a very good android app about VPN on last week. The discovered app named Hideman, which is a “Free” VPN on android, as well as Windows, Mac, and iOS. The “free” service is only limited to 5 hours per week. I’ve tested the android version of Hideman. It is awesome and easy to be used. Let’s check out the short review after the break.


Download Free Temple Run 2 For Android and iOS


Temple Run 2 is out now. Temple Run 2 is the exciting sequel to the original
breakout mega-­‐hit endless runner, Temple Run. Featuring the gameplay that has entertained millions of players, Temple Run 2 offers fans a chance to explore a beautiful new world enhanced with high resolution visuals ( Anyway, you change the the display resolution settings within the game app. Players must fly down zip lines or speed along in mine carts to escape the clutches of the temple dwellers. With new
characters, power-­‐ups, abilities and achievements, Temple Run 2 continues the adventure where the first game left off.


Free iOS Whatsapp For iPhone, iPad and iPod [Limited Time]

free-ios-whatsapp-for-iphone-ipad-ipodWe wish you have a merry Christmas, we wish you have a merry Christmas, we wish you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year… Christmas season is around the corner. Christmas season equally to shopping and discount season. Whatsapp for iOS ordinary charge you some pennies, $0.99 but now it is free for all for a very limited time.


Download iOS Google Maps For iPhone, iPad Version Coming Soon


Oh yea, the king is now back. iOS Google maps is now finally in the Apple iTunes App Store. As we all know, Apple remove Google Maps from App Store after launching their own Apple Maps in iOS 6. Due to the imperfection of Apple Maps, Google Maps is still the most popular maps application on iOS. It tops the free app iOS chart as the most downloaded applications right after 6 hours of releasing. iOS Google maps supports navigation as well as street views. Offline maps is going to push out soon and later. Google admitted that iOS Google maps is even more user friendly, better experience and outstanding. Head to Apple App Store now and try the latest iOS Google maps.


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