Revamped iTunes11 Is Finally Available For Download

apple-itunes-11-revamped-download-4Yeah, finally Apple has released the revamped iTunes 11. It is now available for download in Apple Store for both Windows and Mac version. Apple first unveiled and introduced iTunes 11 at the iPhone 5 release event back in September and it is finally release after 2+ months. The new iTunes 11 has been revamped especially on the user interface. The new UI is elegant, fresh and clean. There were several new features like a new redesigned player with new library views and expanded view. Besides that, the new iTunes 11 is integrated even more with iCloud service. New redesigned Mini Player is available with more features being squeezed in, search features and next play song. A next button is available for you to press and indicate what is the next song. A mini search bar to convenient you inside the mini player without needed to expand to music library. In overall, it has been successfully increase the efficiency and very much improved on the speed. Check out all what’s new after the break.


How To Get Back Youtube & Google Maps On iOS6

According to Apple, 15% of Apple users has upgraded their compatible devices to iOS6 which just released on yesterday. If you are one of them, probably you found Google Maps & Youtube apps are missing from the iOS stock apps. Google Youtube is very important application and i think shall not be removed from the stock apps. Anyway, if you wish to get these 2 apps back to your iOS6, it is not perfect but it is possible for temporary. Official Youtube app is available for iPhone iOS6 but not in iPad iOS6 yet. Let’s check out how to get your Youtube & Google Maps back to your iOS6.


Update iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad & iPod Via iTunes [Download]

Updating your iDevices to iOS6,  can be run without iTunes via OTA update, you only need the iDevice itself. Another way to update it is via iTunes. Updating iOS 6 via iTunes is more stable as you download the entire package from Apple server to your Mac or Pc before installation. You can also choose to download without install. The iOS firmware package size for iPhone is about 600MB and 1GB for iPad. You can pause and resume your iOS download within iTunes. Check it out the procedure how to make it.


Apple iOS 6 Coming On September 19

Apple ios 6 release

A perfect hardware beauty must match with a perfect iOS, the best mobile operating system. iPhone 5 with iOS 6 is a perfect match. iPhone 5 will be shipped with iOS 6 on 19 September. At the same moment, you should be receiving OTA update for others Apple devices too, iPhone, iPad and iPod series. In iOS 6, total 200 more features has been included. There were a lot of features has been tested and shared since iOS 6 has been gone through several phase of development release. The updates should includes Apple Maps with navigation, Siri on all iOS devices, Facebook social integration, quick shared photo streams, passbook (travel ticket with iOS device), FaceTime with cellular, Camera with panorama and much more. I’m awaiting the new release of iOS to my iPad. What do you think on iOS6?

How To Wirelessly Sync Your Photos, Videos & Music From Your Android Device To PC Or Mac With AirSync DoubleTwist?

iTunes on Android doubleTwistI used to take photos with my android device. Copying photos to PC or Mac is tedious job, in addition without USB cable with you. I found an easier way where copying photos from my android smartphone to PC become automatically and simple, via Air Sync DoubleTwist. DoubleTwist is a FREE software for your PC and android, however you need AirSync to do the wifi synchronization between your PC and android device. It costs USD$4.99 and I have decided and purchased it as I think it is worthy.


Download & Install Google Drive For Windows, Mac & Android

google_driveGoogle Drive has been released on end of April 2012. You can upload and access all of your files including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and so on. In short, you can store all documents in Google Drive with 5GB free cloud storage. Besides that, you can choose to upgrade the plan to 25GB fpr $2.49 per month, 100GB for $4.99 and 1TB for $49.99 per month. Any paid upgrade will automatically upgrade your Gmail account storage from 7GB to 25GB. I’m more interested on Google Drive application in Windows, Android as well as Google Drive in iOS. Let’s joy the Google Drive now!!


Download & Install Windows Skydrive App For Windows 7, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone & iPad.

Cloud storage has become another hotcake in these twodays while Google has launched their own Google drive. Before launch of Google Drive yesterday, Microsoft has announced their cloud storage service Windows Skydrive by having more accessible Windows Skydrive App in many other platforms which includes Windows 7, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad. The skydrive is now works as an installed application in your PC or Mac instead of a web application. image


Kuwo Music Player 2012 For Android, iPhone & Windows Mobile

Mobile platform is a best platform to share your developed application, news and updates. Nowadays, everyone has smartphone on hand and accessing application through smartphone is significantly important. Kuwo is on the right way to spread their kuwo music player in 2012. Kuwo is a free music player which allow you to search, stream, listen & download songs in your smartphone [In Chinese language ONLY]. Kuwo Music Player is now available for download for 3 different main mobile OS, android , iphone as well as Windows Mobile.


Here You Go The New Angry Birds Space For iOS, Android, PC & Mac! Download & Play It Now! [Video]

Yea, if you are Angry Birds Fans, definitely you like this latest version, Angry Birds Space. The game is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Google Play, PC Windows and Apple Mac. This new app is mainly give you new Angry Birds experience on planets. There are total 60 levels inside the latest version, right now you have no limit to go high on the sky and many other cool space content. The new Angry Birds Space is also supports the new release iPad 3rd generation with the retina display. Cool. Let’s try it out!! angry_bird_space_1


Al Gore’s Our Choice By Push Pop Press – The Next Generation of Digital Books

Al-Gores-Our-ChoiceFacebook had just acquired Push Pop Press which own the interactive iPad e-book maker. The company is founded by former Apple designer Mike Matas who was the former lead designer for iPhone and iPad interfaces. The features in the Al Gore’s Our Choice is incredible with the interactive book which run on iPad. You will know why Facebook acquire Push Pop Press after watching the videos after the break. The technology of Al Gore’s Our Choice is full of talent and potential especially tablets are growing rapidly in the electronic consumer market. You could download the Our Choice apple apps from Apple iTunes.


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