Facebook Messenger For Windows Phone Is Now Available

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Facebook messenger is now finally landed on Windows Phone platform. Windows Phone is claimed to be the fastest growing mobile platform comparing to iOS and Android by some experts (maybe yes or no). Today, we see the one of the most important messenger by Facebook is finally come to this beautiful platform. (more…)

Push-To-Talk Voice Message On Whatsapp Is Now Available

whatsapp-push-to-talk-voice-messagingUndoubtedly, Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile messenger in Malaysia. Almost all of my friends in my phone list are using Whatsapp frequently to substitute SMS. Nevertheless, WeChat is getting more popular and chasing up with their voice message feature as well as their mini WeChat social network. Today, Whatsapp is updated to push out Voice Messager on Whatsapp. You can send a short voice message to your friend with push-to-talk button, similar to WeChat and Facebook messenger.  (more…)

Angry Bird Maker Rovio Releases Bad Piggies For Android, iOS, Mac; Windows 8 & Windows Phone Soon

bad-piggies-ios-android-mac-windows-phoneRovio Entertainment, maker of Angry birds has their new gam , Bad Piggies release today. Piggies natively won’t fly but you have to make it fly in the game. I would say your need high creativity to win the level of the games. That is no bird flying but PIG in the game. From the game itself, you can see the sincerity of the developer to make this game success. It has been released to public FREE in Android Google Play Store for both phone and tablet version. It costs USD$0.99 for iPhone, USD$2.00 for iPad, and USD$4.99 in Mac App Store. Windows 7 & 8 and Windows Phone is coming to join the big group and we believe it should also cost you some pennies in Windows Marketplace. Head over to badpiggies official website for more details.


Baidu Yun Cloud Storage Give You 100GB For Free Only One day 3/9/12 [Giveaway]

baidu-100gbBaidu Yun is a China based cloud storage. It is similar to Dropbox & Google Drive. Baidu Yun features photobook, contact book, sms, music, and synchronization fucntion with your desktop machine. Upload files to Yun can be so easy with Windows, Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) Yun version. Today, Baidu Yun is giving away total 100GB free cloud storage to their user, only for a day. If you are existing Baidu Yun user or new users, you can both enjoy the giveaway. Join the giveaway and check it out after the break.


Get 2GB Free Cloud Storage From Asus WebStorage

Get-2GB-Free-Cloud-Storage-From-Asus-WebStorage-1  (2)Getting free cloud storage is delighting. Here is another option for you with Asus WebStorage. All the new user will enjoy 2GB immediately after registration. If you are using Asus preloaded devices, you will even get more free space on you device. Asus Cloud App is available for iOS ,android as well as PC computer. It means synchronization among all your lovely devices is possible with Asus WebStorage. I have just downloaded it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and new iPad. Going to start using it very soon for review. Asus no doubt is a big company and definitely they will have more resources to secure and improve their webstorage services. I believe Asus WebStorage is reliable enough to compete with other cloud storage like Amazon, Cubby, Dropbox, SynSugar, Box and so on. There were more bundled offer in their Asus WebStorage like storage security bundle pack and more.


Free Skype One Month Unlimited Plan During Mother’s Day [Promotions]

Skype-LogoFirstly, I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world. For those who may not have chance to meet your mum face to face, you may need to have a call to them to send your regards to them. Skype is good enough to provide FREE one month Unlimited World Call plan for you today. You can call everywhere to your love one in this month without using any cent. This promotion is valid for old registers. If you are new to Skype, register now and get the next promotion items. This promotion is valid for FREE landline call or pay less for mobile call. I have subscribed the free 1 month landline package and tested it, it works like charm. See some hints of this package after the break.


Windows Phone Screen Lock Runs On Android Devices!! Download & Get A Try!!


The best of the Android is the open source platform where anyone can create app or modification on the source code without approval needed. Thanks to Billchen because of the Windows Phone Screen Lock. WP7Lock Pro is a simple, elegant, and fast custom lockscreen done WP7 style. The UI is identical to Windows Phone Lock Screen. I got my HD2 worked on Windows Phone, in comparison result, WP7Lock Pro can provide 80% features of the actual Windows Phone Lock Screen. This is a slide up screen lock application which it give you the true windows phone experience. This app is still under beta stage, give a try and provide your comments for improvement.


Download & Install Windows Skydrive App For Windows 7, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone & iPad.

Cloud storage has become another hotcake in these twodays while Google has launched their own Google drive. Before launch of Google Drive yesterday, Microsoft has announced their cloud storage service Windows Skydrive by having more accessible Windows Skydrive App in many other platforms which includes Windows 7, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad. The skydrive is now works as an installed application in your PC or Mac instead of a web application. image


Kuwo Music Player 2012 For Android, iPhone & Windows Mobile

Mobile platform is a best platform to share your developed application, news and updates. Nowadays, everyone has smartphone on hand and accessing application through smartphone is significantly important. Kuwo is on the right way to spread their kuwo music player in 2012. Kuwo is a free music player which allow you to search, stream, listen & download songs in your smartphone [In Chinese language ONLY]. Kuwo Music Player is now available for download for 3 different main mobile OS, android , iphone as well as Windows Mobile.


Download Win8Menu Features Windows8 Tile-Based Interface and SideMenu In Windows 7

Windows 8 for tablets, probably features the tiled user interface which like Windows Phone does. Vhanla, creator of Win8Menu has successfully created executable file to feature both Windows 8 Tiled UI & Sidemenu into Windows 7. You could now have a glance on how Windows 8 tablets new features work in Windows 7 before official release. The Win8Menu is an alpha version where there are still a lot of “Not yet implemented” buttons in this version. Download and check what is cool inside.


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