Download Sony Xperia Z Ultra Full HD Wallpapers

Sony xperia z ultra wallpapers

The unofficial Sony Xperia Z Ultra wallpapers are now available for download. No doubt, Sony Xperia Z Ultra will be one of the flagship device from Sony Mobile to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note series with big screen display. It is the next smart device i’m going to purchase after Samsung Galaxy Note 3′s announcement. I believe I’ll go for Sony Xperia Z Ultra due to the fancy and elegant body design instead of possibly plastic design on Galaxy Note 3. Total 8 wallpapers are available in the package. Get the download link after the break. The full HD wallpapers can be used in any of the Full HD display devices too.


LG Optimus L9 Wallpaper Download

I love to change my android device wallpaper frequently. A nice wallpaper on the device home can easily unwind and comfort your mood to better. LG Optimus L9 stock wallpapers are now available for download. Total of 12 fresh and clean wallpapers are available for you now. Download and change a new look for your android device. The wallpapers are not HD version since Optimus L9 is not a full HD device, yet you can still get good quality and nice view wallpapers for your device.

Lg Optimus L9 wallpapers (7)


Samsung Galaxy S4 Full HD Wallpapers (Download)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Full HD Wallpapers (2)As I know, the dump firmware package of Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for download. The dump package is not installable (drop-in) for any of the Samsung device. Despite, the dump package has been extracted and a lot of interesting things are leaked out from this dump firmware. Now we have 7 full HD official wallpapers from Samsung Galaxy SIV, officially. All the wallpapers are come with 1920 x 1920 pixels. It is awesome to fit any of the FHD device like Sony Xperia Z, HTC One or HTC Butterfly. Download it after the break.


First Glance On Samsung Galaxy S4 HD Wallpapers [Unofficial Package]

Galaxy s4 wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now official announced, couple of days ago. We see the new wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy S4 which themed with “Life Companion”. The official wallpapers from Samsung Galaxy SIV is kind of different from Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 with theme of “Design for Human”. S4 wallpapers are more emphasizing on companion. A device as a companion to you, family and friend. The Galaxy S4 HD wallpapers is unofficial available for you to download. It includes just couple of the official S4 wallpapers. Anyhow, we wish you love the pre-leaked wallpapers package. Download it after the break.


HTC One Sense 5 HD Wallpapers Collection

HTC Sense 5 is the latest Sense version from HTC. Starting from HTC Sense 5.0, like HTC Butterfy and HTC One, 1920×1080 Full HD Wallpapers become main stream for the upcoming Full HD android smartphones. We have a series of HTC Sense 5 wallpapers here to share. Total 18 wallpapers are gorgeously embedded in the zip file. Check out the HTC Sense 5 HD wallpapers after the break. Htc sense 5 wallpaper 1 thumb


Download Sony Xperia Z HD Wallpapers

Spectrum flow

Sony Xperia Z HD wallpaper is out!!! Total 11 of wallpapers are included inside the wallpaper package. I love it very much. All the wallpapers are in 1920×1080 size. It may not fit exact on your android unless you are with full HD device. Anyhow, you can crop it to fit your home screen. As recap, Sony Xperia Z is one of the most advance android device as of now. It has 5 inch 1080p Reality HD display (1920 X 1080) with 441ppi which is much higher than iPhone retina display. Besides that, it has a Quad core Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, 13MP Rear (HDR) and 2.2MP front facing camera, 16GB internal and up to 32GB external storage and android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Sony Xperia Z also has water resistant and dust resistant support (Introduction and Full Spec). Check out all the wallpapers after the break.


Download Nexus 4 Wallpapers [Android 4.2]

Nexus-4-wallpaper (12)Android 4.2 was announced not long ago, couple of days ago from now. The official android 4.2 SDK was not released to public but yet we have the latest android 4.2 Nexus 4 wallpapers. Thanks to the leaked Nexus 4 system dump. If you have an Google Nexus devices, the latest android 4.2 update will bring you the wallpapers without download needed. But if you are not, you can have it all here now. Total 12 wallpapers are in the bundle but some of the wallpapers are originally from the previous Jelly Bean Android 4.1. Check out all after the break.


43 Gorgeous OS X Mountain Lion Hidden Wallpapers Download

NatGeo15 (640x400)Apple has secretly keep some wallpapers in your newly upgraded OS X Mountain Lion. It is such a waste if it were saved in your Mac but not in use. OS X daily has posted a way how to expose these all 43 hidden Mountain Lion wallpapers in just few steps. All the wallpapers are beautiful and gorgeous, they are all in HD 3200×2000 resolution. You can copy out the hidden wallpapers and use it as your Mac desktop wallpapers. Let’s check out all the wallpapers and how you can get it from Mountain Lion OS X.


30 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Wallpaper Collection [Scenery]

best-Samsung-galaxy-s3-wallpaper-collection (23) (360x640)Erm.. it is time for me to change a new look on my Galaxy S3, so do you. Take a time and break with these 30 best relaxing wallpapers for you Samsung Galaxy S3. There are also compatible to other android cellphones like Sony Xperia series, HTC One series and Samsung Galaxy series. I have zipped the wallpapers to 15MB and the demo pictures below has been resized. Enjoy the high quality of all these wallpapers. Wish you enjoy the wallpaper collection. Feel free to drop your comments.


6 Windows Server 2012 RTM Leaked Wallpapers [Download]

Windows-server-2012-rtm-leaked-wallpaper (5)After the 19 Windows 8 RTM leaked wallpapers, this time there were another 6 leaked wallpapers from Windows Server 2012 RTM. Do you really care about the leaked on Windows server 2012 RTM to the market or Windows 8 leaked version is more important to you? Yes, I do care more on Windows 8 as I’ll be the next user of it but not Windows server 2012. Anyway, the wallpapers from Windows Server 2012 RTM has been leaked out. Feel free to check out the wallpapers after the break. There are beautiful still and comparable to Windows 8 leaked HD wallpapers.


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