Windows 8.1 Preview Download

Windows 8.1 Preview is now official for download by Microsoft today in San Francisco. In Windows 8.1 preview version, Microsoft brings back the Start menu button as well as direct boot to desktop option in Windows 8.1 after hearing so much feedback from Windows 8 customers. Windows 8.1 preview claimed to be more user friendly, even more entertainment enriched, enhancement and improvements. Windows 8.1 preview is now available in Windows Store. Check out what is new in Windows 8.1 preview and how to install Windows 8.1 preview after the break.


Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Free For 60 Days Trial

Microsoft-Office-2013-professional-free-trialMicrosoft has published and released the latest full version of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional for free 60 days trial. As usual, trial version will be released to TechNet or MSDN subscriber, but now you can download the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional for free. The full functional Microsoft office 2013 is opened to public for free download without any limitation. You can try all the main and full feature of it.


Download Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview For Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 Release PreviewIt has been a great 10 days trip for me to have vacation out there and finally I’m back. I hope that the sharing here won’t be too late for you. I tried to catch up what I have missed. Yea, Windows 8 is released yet I have no time yet to upgrade and wondering for upgrade. Anyhow, one of the best item along release of Windows 8 is the IE10. IE10 claimed as the fastest browser in Windows 8, against Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. IE10 release preview version is available too for Windows 7. The requirement to have IE10 runs on Windows 7 is you need to be on Windows 7 service pack 1. Let’s download and try it out today.


First Look On Microsoft Surface Promotional Video – The Surface Movement

Windows has put a big bet and put high hope on the next latest Windows OS, Windows 8 which will be launched globally on 26 October 2012. The release of Windows 8 not only represent the dominance of Windows in OS market, it would also brings another big leap and meaning onto Microsoft Windows 8 Surface tablet. The release of Microsoft Surface with latest Windows 8 RT is to challenge the dominance of Apple iPad who has eaten 70% of the tablet market. Hence, promotion of Windows 8 become a very important strategy and Microsoft has injected big money to promote their very own latest tablet – Microsoft Surface. If you are interested on Microsoft Surface, get your Pre-order now online with Microsoft.

Windows 8 Commercial Videos Available Now In Youtube

Windows 8

Windows 8 is releasing soon in October, we all knew that. The rise of Windows 8 and windows phone 8from Microsoft has high ambitious to defeat Android and iOS in mobile device as well as desktop. A lot of advertisement like street art, banner, videos has been emerged in the street of San Francsico. Windows 8 Commercial videos started to be seen in Youtube. There were total 4 videos in youtube showing the latest Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft. The 4 videos show and exposing some new features in Windows 8 which can be ran in tablets or desktop pc. Windows Surface shall be launched together with Windows 8 in this coming end of October. Let’s check out the Windows 8 introduction videos after the break.


Angry Bird Maker Rovio Releases Bad Piggies For Android, iOS, Mac; Windows 8 & Windows Phone Soon

bad-piggies-ios-android-mac-windows-phoneRovio Entertainment, maker of Angry birds has their new gam , Bad Piggies release today. Piggies natively won’t fly but you have to make it fly in the game. I would say your need high creativity to win the level of the games. That is no bird flying but PIG in the game. From the game itself, you can see the sincerity of the developer to make this game success. It has been released to public FREE in Android Google Play Store for both phone and tablet version. It costs USD$0.99 for iPhone, USD$2.00 for iPad, and USD$4.99 in Mac App Store. Windows 7 & 8 and Windows Phone is coming to join the big group and we believe it should also cost you some pennies in Windows Marketplace. Head over to badpiggies official website for more details.


HP Spectre One Ultra Thin All In One Windows 8 PC Price & Availability Unveiled

hp-spectre-one-front-facingToday, HP announced their new all-in-one PC with 23.6inch big monitor and Windows 8 inside. Even though it come with latest Microsoft Windows 8 but it doesn’t support touch screen function. This HP Spectre One look very similar to Apple iMac. HP Spectre One is very thin in thickness, only 11.5mm and it is the slimmest among HP All-in-one desktop pc. HP Spectre features the latest Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and 1GB Nvidia Graphic card. Besides that, it has 2 USB 2.0 & 2 USB 3.0 ports at the back of the dock. There were also HDMI, LAN, headphone, power supply and SD card slot too. HP Spectre One come with wireless mouse, trackpad and wireless keyboard which is very similar to Apple iMac accessories design but yet still fancy.

HP expected to start selling HP Spectre One in November 2012 with USD$1299. What do you think on this new HP Spectre One desktop?? Do you choose it or buy yourself an iMac?


Windows 8 On Tablets How Will Updates Rollover?

As we all know, Windows 8 is coming soon but are you excited to the release?? The release of Windows 8 is just around the corner, and the latest update to the Windows operating system is already getting mixed reviews. If you’re currently a Windows 7 user, you’re probably wondering if the update is worth it and how to go about upgrading your tablet to Windows 8.


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Download Windows 8 Enterprise ISO Free For 90 Days Trial

windows-8-enterprise-free-90-days-trialsToday we have 2 good news for you. No matter you are Windows 8 fans or not, you can enjoy the pre-release Windows 8 ahead of official release. The first good news is for TechNet and MSDN subscriber, you can start to download the Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise version officially ahead of everyone else. All version of Windows 8 come with 32 and 64 bit. The second good news is for those who are NOT TechNet and MSDN subscriber, you can still able to try out the Windows 8 Enterprise version for 90 days free trial. The free trial Enterprise version is an evaluation version and you need to purchase full version for full installation, it is not upgradable. What are you waiting for? Download Windows 8 Enterprise for free and try it now!!


Download & Install Windows Essentials 2012 [Web Install & Offline Installer]

imageWindows Essentials 2012 has been released by Microsoft with the new Windows Movie Maker and Photo Gallery in Windows 7 and Windows 8. The release of Windows Essentials 2012 is to welcome the coming of Windows 8 in October 2012. Windows Essential 2012 include Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Outlook Connector Pack, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Family Safety and the new Windows Skydrive app for Windows. Windows Essentials 2012 work well in both Windows 8 and Windows 7. As usual, the Windows Essentials can be installed separately by selecting the application you wish to install or install in bundle. Both web install link and offline installer for Windows Essentials 2012 are available after the break.


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