Resizable and Customizable App Icon To Widget On iOS [Video]

Feel bored on iOS home screen on your iPhone?? One of the pretty of Android is the customizable home screen with widgets which is not available on iOS without jailbreak. You can still have widgets on iOS with jailbreak. Today, we watched an very cool and incredible video about the concept of having widgets on iOS. The ordinary could be expanding to become widgets. The widgets can continuously expanding to includes more features. If you do not like the widgets, you can close it and return back to normal app icons. The idea behind is cool indeed and very practical. Apple should really take consideration into this idea and release in the upcoming iOS release to get rid the boring iOS home screen. This fresh blood is so so cool.. Watch the video and check it out.


Nokia Future’s Humanform Concept Phone [Video]

nokia future phone concept

Nokia used to be the largest mobile phone manufacturer and rule the mobile phone market more than 10 years. However, Apple and Samsung are started to take over Nokia to be the largest and most influential smartphone manufacturer. Nokia has never given up to strive for excellence to concur the world again with their concept phone. Here is the unearthed video from Nokia on their futuristic concept phone. It is interesting. Check it out after the break.


Another iPhone 5 Concept by Alexei Milkhailov

iphone5iPhone5.. iPhone5..iPhone5..  is getting very close.. there is no more concept phone on iphone5? No, it is not true. When the iphone5 is getting hotter, you will see alot lot more concepts on iPhone5 or maybe some clone phone from China ^^ Here introduces you a iPhone5 concept phone by Alexei Milkhailov with asymmetrical design. The phone structure including round and square edge. Cool huhh?? You may or may not like it but this is the concept ^^ Erm.. i think Apple will never release this design =) See the cool gadget after break.



Another iPhone 5 Concept by NAK

There are a lot of rumor about iPhone 5, so do I have shared one of the iPhone 5 rumor round up post, here is another iPhone 5 Concept from Antoine Brieux from Nak Studio. The exterior design is ok to me, but I love more on the hardware specification, bigger 4 inches retina display with 1100×730 pixels resolution. As expected from many rumors, 8MP camera with LED Flash. Notification LED/LED panel is the new idea to show your mail, msm, calls, battery levels notifications. See details after break.


HTC HD3 Concept Phone 2011

htchd3conceptphone Concept phone == not in build plan but in conceptioning. Thanks to Xda member _LeCiel_ to share the post on his HTC HD3 concept phone. The suggested specifications has been partly listed in xda forum. The suggested specification is what we will feel surprise, too advance, even come with dual boot OS which i think HTC wont allow ^^ The screen is structured with True touch technologies, where you like touching button when touch on the screen, cool concept. This is the second HTC HD3 concept phone that i have posted. Check this out for the entire first HTC HD3 concept  too.


HTC Eden 1 Concept Phone

Present here a new concept HTC Eden 1 smartphone by Xda member and it comes with 1.2GHz processor and 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory. The beauty of the phone is the aluminum body which bring a futuristic phone concept. The phone is still under development. Thanks JWang158 for releasing the concept, you may leave your comment in the xda forum give some precious ideas to them for future development. htc_new_eden_concept_1_by_jukah-d3crwt0

[via xda]

Cool Trip Flip Concept Phone

What is being creative? from Kristian Larsen on Vimeo.

May be you have been thought about a super slim & curved mobile phone. However, I have never thought about a triangle shape concept phone, it is really awesome and amazed to see this video, Godlike creativity! Thanks Kristian Ulrich Larsen for the great idea. I would think that this concept phone is possible for mass production. Enjoy the video!!triple-flip-concept-phone

Flex Click Phone New Sense of Touchscreen

flex-click Touchscreen, super popular in a society nowadays, in media phone, pc, netbook, ipad…The concept to reduce the stress and more sensible when your finger press on the touchscreen is awesome. The existing market touchscreen phones is lack of tactile feedback, finger stress, difficulty typing and lack of precision, I totally agree that. The existing market touchscreen is lack of “sense”, the feeling of pressing button is typically enjoyable especially you type a sms without looking on the keypad & successfully type without a mistake at the end especially during in driving =))


Mozilla Seabird – A Community-driven Mobile Phone Concept

Today’s entry is to introduce the Mozilla Seabird Concept Mobile Phone. Check out video clip above, you will feel amazed with the creativity of man in this concept phone. The concept is awesome and powerful but Seabird is a community-driven exploration and does not mean that Mozilla has plans to produce an OS or hardware at the moment. As for now, we can just enjoy the video and the concept. One day, I believe the phone can be manufactured and produce to the mobile phone market. Continue read to see more features of this concept phone.


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