Hp Introducing HP Slate 21 AIO Tablet Computer

Today, HP has introduced their latest all in one computer, HP Slate 21 in Beijing, China. It icomes with 21.5inch wide viewing Full HD display (1920 x 1080) IPS display. It is a 21.5 inch big size android tablet as well as android-powered computer. Unfortunately, it does not run Microsoft Windows 8 operating system as dual boot tablet computer.

HP slate 21 AIO


HP Spectre One Ultra Thin All In One Windows 8 PC Price & Availability Unveiled

hp-spectre-one-front-facingToday, HP announced their new all-in-one PC with 23.6inch big monitor and Windows 8 inside. Even though it come with latest Microsoft Windows 8 but it doesn’t support touch screen function. This HP Spectre One look very similar to Apple iMac. HP Spectre One is very thin in thickness, only 11.5mm and it is the slimmest among HP All-in-one desktop pc. HP Spectre features the latest Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and 1GB Nvidia Graphic card. Besides that, it has 2 USB 2.0 & 2 USB 3.0 ports at the back of the dock. There were also HDMI, LAN, headphone, power supply and SD card slot too. HP Spectre One come with wireless mouse, trackpad and wireless keyboard which is very similar to Apple iMac accessories design but yet still fancy.

HP expected to start selling HP Spectre One in November 2012 with USD$1299. What do you think on this new HP Spectre One desktop?? Do you choose it or buy yourself an iMac?


Cheapest Tablet HP TouchPad Is Now Tasting Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 [Video + CM9]

hp-touchpad-cm9-icsThe world cheapest’s $99 HP TouchPad is now already tasted the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), and again thank you to CyanogenMod 9 team members. From the video below, it shows that the ICS TouchPad is working smooth in operation, but there is little error and not totally bug free. In addition to the camera does not work and can not play the movie, other features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be turned on. CM9 developers is still developing and try to bring some new toys to this world’s cheapest tablet. Cool.. Thanks to CM9 team.


HP TouchPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Video]

HP TouchPad another just released tablet from HP which it doesn’t really receive many good review from reviewers. I think the very first reason is the WebOS where still not stable establish. Comparing Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the real competitor to iPad, winner in the tablets war so far has more competitive features & elements, slimmer and lighter. Let’s see the comparison on both HP and Samsung tablets below.

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