Amazon Kindle Fire HD VS Google Nexus 7 VS New iPad 3[Specification Comparison]

Well well well, I wish to insert iPad mini in my comparison list but it isn’t in the market yet. Anyway, it will be my nexy comparison table with iPad mini. Back to the topic, Kindle Fire HD is the next best selling hotcake in tablet market [my guess] due to the low price tag. Kindle Fire 1st generation got itself even cheaper now with only $149, $50 price down upon the new release of Kindle Fire HD. Amazon admitted that the new Kindle Fire HD 7 doesn’t get any profit by selling the hardware but to create channel to make better retail on their Amazon products like ebook, mp3 and online shopping. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is installed with Android 4.0 ICS but with heavily modified. You may not recognize it is ICS. Check out my small comparison table to see the differences between these all gadgets. If you wish to see the Kindle Fire HD family comparison, proceed to this entry.


Amazon Released New Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 & Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G

NewImageAmazon unveiled their latest eGadget yesterday, the Kindle Fire HD series. The release of kindle fire tablet hits the table market last year and successfully seize the tablet market share from iPad and become the top tablet seller among all the android tablets. This year, Amazon continues their Kindle fire legend with the new Kindle Fire series, which is Kindle Fire HD 7 inch, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch & Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch with 4G. Price is the main selling point of Kindle Fire tablet. The new Kindle Fire HD 7 inch 16GB priced at $199, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 16GB $299, Kindle Fire HD 4G 32GB S499.


Stream HD Video With Amazon Instant Video App On iPad

amazon-instant-video-for-ipadAmazon lovers? Amazon Prime user must be happy with the release of Amazon Instant Video app for Apple iPad. Amazon released Amazon Instant Video for new iPad, iPad 2 and original iPad. Amazon Prime members who has paid yearly member fee of  $79 can enjoy and watch thousand of videos an movies with Amazon Instant Video App On iPad with no additional fee.


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