Facebook Messenger For Windows Phone Is Now Available

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Facebook messenger is now finally landed on Windows Phone platform. Windows Phone is claimed to be the fastest growing mobile platform comparing to iOS and Android by some experts (maybe yes or no). Today, we see the one of the most important messenger by Facebook is finally come to this beautiful platform. (more…)

How To Disable Facebook Chat Heads

facebook-messengerFacebook’s latest product – Facebook Chat Heads could be cool to somebody but not all. I’m one of those who dislike and dissatisfy on this product, sorry to tell that. I experiences sluggish and force close with Facebook Chat Heads. The notifications doesn’t appear on time and always having delay of time. To be frank, it is juicy if facebook chat heads is working smooth and do not eat that much of RAM. Anyhow, I just feel to disable it on my android devices. Let’s check out how.


Download Facebook Pages Manager APK For Android

Download facebook pages manager apk android

Facebook Pages Manager is now finally available for android. It has been long released for iOS platform but now it eventually arrive to android platform. It is still new and yet to be fine tuned and improved. I have just lately installed it on my Galaxy devices and it looks decent. However, it has some few weaknesses still. Check out the complete posts below and find the APK download link.


How To Disable Facebook Notifications On Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

facebook.jpgIn case you have an android device with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you may face battery drain issue which may caused by inefficient of some android applications. I do not like to see the Facebook notifications especially games invitation and i decided to disable the Facebook notifications. In android 4.2 Jelly Bean, it is a native feature to disable the notification by apps.


How To Create Google Plus Page For Your Blog Or Website?

google_plus_logoSimple 5 steps here help you to create your own Google Plus Page, just like facebook page. Even though Google plus has been released for quite some while, I just felt to create the google plus page for Vodeblog because Google Plus has become one of the best social network market right after facebook. Hence, by creating Google Plus page, you could share and introduce your website or blog more visible through network social marketing. Follow the steps and create your own page now!!


Official Facebook Messenger For Windows Is Available For Download Now!!

Facebook Messenger is not new, it has been launched for few months but it is for mobile version, iPhone, iPad and android version. Right now, you can try the facebook messenger for windows officially. Do you familiar and oftenly use facebook messenger?? Since Facebook has become the biggest social network worldwide, facebook messenger could be the best tool to replace other windows messenger. I’m so interested to check the new facebook messenger. Let’s see what’s new in facebbok messenger after the break.


Google+ Vs Facebook Again, Who Is The Next Winner? [Video + Infographic]

Google has failed to enter Social Networking market with the failure of Google Buzz [has been discontinued] & Google Wave.Google is still striving hard to enter social networking market with their latest social network tool, Google + to compete the giant social network company, facebook. Google + has been launched for few months and its time to see how preferable and satisfy by users to use it. Video below will show the growth of Google + with Google platform.Obviously, the growth of Google + is much more better than Google Wave and Buzz.  Google + has become stronger and more attractive with the integration of some other strong Google platform such as Google Android & Google Mail. Could Google + be the next winner to compete Facebook? Wait and See.

Google Vs. Facebook from Column Five on Vimeo.

Vodeblog Is On Google Plus Now!

google-plusFinally, I’m on Google Plus. It has been awhile Google Plus launched with limited invitation. I have luck to receive invitation from my friend to try on Google Plus. It is not difficult to use it actually but definitely need time to explore all the features inside. If you are interested and need invitation, pm me vodeblog@gmail.com. I’m kind of slow behind now on Google +, should move forward faster ^^I wish to see Google + to compete Facebook!!


How To Remove Friends From Facebook Friend List?

Nowadays, Facebook is very popular and many people using Facebook to advertise their products by tagging friends in the photos or sending them direct messages to promote their products. I’m really frustrating to see my email inbox full of junk when these all guys keep on inviting me to attend some seminars or events. Sorry i have reported you as spam. I even hide their from my wall or report them as spam, but still manage to send me direct messages. So, i decided to remove them. I’ll be happy to not see the spammer’s invitation anymore ^^facebook


Google Plus Versus Facebook [Infographic]

Compete..compete..compete.. I like to see the war of competition. As an user, more competitions will bring more surprise and new product to the market. Google Plus, is another social network system from Google to compete with facebook. Personally, i have submitted my request to get the Google plus invitation as user but still haven’t got it yet. Anyway, it is soon to be released to all users worldwide, I believe. Well, before i really look into what is Google Plus, have a glance on the comparison of Google + and Facebook in infographic below.


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