Which Country Has World’s Fastest Internet Speed?? [Infographic]

speedInternet is one of the most important in 20th century. It involves all area of your life, education, entertainment, health, making money, wealth, knowledge, social network and more. However, I always feel slow on internet speed even I was in United States or United Kingdoms. It wasn’t as impressive as I thought. Why? It is because they are not the countries who provide the fastest internet speed. Who is the fastest country then?


Get 50GB Mega Cloud Storage For Free


Kim Dotcom, owner of Megaupload and now Mega is back. Right after the shitdown of Megaupload due to copyright issue, Kim is now back with something new, Mega, the could storage service – Claimed as bigger, better, faster, stronger and safer. I just started to explore on this new service. I do not know much yet but what I knew was, Mega cloud storage service is much cheaper than Dropbox and any other cloud service. Check out more details after the break.


Apple Astonishing Profit In Context [Infographic]


I knew Apple is crazily making money, obviously. But how mad are they? You may not know. Here is the statistic to show you how madness they are making money. Apple is now the most valuable company in the world. In this holiday season, according to statistic, Apple products are still the most wanted gadgets in this holiday period. Apple has reported a net profit of $41.7 billion on $156.5 billion revenue in year 2012 which going to end. The standalone net profit of Apple is even more than total net profit of Microsoft, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon, $34.4 billion. Apple’s profit is about twice of the entire PC industry from Dell, Asus, Acer, IBM, Lenovo and Hp. Apple is continuously growing strong in 2012 and we look forward to see more innovative and profitable products from Apple in 2013. Anyhow, do you get yourself an iPad for this coming Christmas gift?


Higher Internet Speed 10Mbps With Maxis Home Fibre Internet With As Low As RM130 Per Month [Limited Time Offer]

Maxis-home-fibre-internetMaxis is now offering their home fibre internet package with price reduced to RM138/month, original standard price for this package is RM218. If you are not Maxis postpaid customer, you just need to add another RM10, in total RM148 to enjoy the 10Mbps high speed home fibre internet. This is no quota for your internet usage, you can use it unlimited which is really attractive package and it should be one of the best Fibre internet offer right now in the market. Besides the internet service, there are free call services, 100mins to Maxis Mobile, 100mins to 10 IDD destinations which including Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan & unlimited calls to Maxis Fixed line numbers. In this promotion of period, all the phones and modem devices are given to you free of charge. There is no installation fees to this package as well. Hearing all the exciting news and plan, let’s get yourself to the reality. The Maxis Home Fibre Internet is only available in Klang Valley and selected areas in Penang & Johor Bahru. Drop a call to Maxis 1800 82 1123 or 123 from Maxis Mobile. Check out more details after the break.


How To Back Up SMS and Sync On Multiple Android Phone?

SMS BackupOh yea, it is a must to backup all my SMS in order to record all useful & informative received SMS. Besides that, there is a need to backup all the SMS from my girl friend ^^ Since i change the ROM pretty often, I’ll lost all the SMS i received. In order to backup all the SMS I have, I choose a useful android app and back up all SMS in cloud. So, what it is?


Mozilla Celebrating 8rd Anniversary 2011 [Video]

Mozilla was founded on 15 July 2003 and they are celebrating their 8rd anniversary in the last 2 days. Mozilla firefox has been served as an open source & free browser for 8 years. Besides that, Thunderbird is also one of the free email client product from Mozilla. Mozilla firefox browser has approximately 30% of the browser market user where IE is still the dominator in browser market. Since the emerging of Chrome browser, Mozilla released their new version of Mozilla firefox more often to compete Google Chrome. Anyway, wanted to say Happy Birthday to Mozilla!!!

Microsoft Vs Apple – The History Of Computing [Infographic]

Microsoft vs apple Microsoft is famous of Windows OS, everyone knows that. Many of the giant companies use Windows as their computer operating system. Lately, Apple has been revitalizing his business in their mobile computing business like iPad and iPhone, even they are selling good with their iMac. When Apple is developing and getting stronger, Microsoft will need to compete their competitor with stronger marketing strategies, like the recent Windows Phone is a pretty fascinating competing product towards iPhone. If you see the market share price in late years, you will see the strong trend of Apple right after they released iPhone and iPad. Amazing. Steve Job is awesome!! Let’s see the history of these 2 giant company in fight!


How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education [Infographic]

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education Do you still remember when do you start to use Internet? I think i start using it when i was in secondary school where i do not think internet was very interesting. It make sense actually where internet was still in very early developing stage at that period of time. Nowadays, i cannot live without internet, I believe it does impact to everyone too including young and old generation. Important is the power of internet is revolutionizing education field, for example, you could have a lesson or training session with your lecturer in UK where you are in Malaysia. Cool.. Say thank you to Internet to make education more become more interesting and diverse.


New Facebook Send Button & How To Add In Your Website?


Facebook brought their new features ”send button” after a year of releasing “Like button”. The purpose of the send button is to replace the email to a Friend feature. Basically, its function is the same with facebook email but you could now send the page to your friends, groups or any email addresses directly from that webpages without going to Facebook page. The Send button has very similar look with Like button. With the send button on your webpage, your webpages can be shared to your readers more faster and easier with copy and paste your link in the facebook email account. Cool huhh?? The Send button is now integrated together with the Like Button (Like, share, send will be counted in a single number), or you could make it independent from the Like Button. I have made my own. How about you??


Chinese: The New Dominant Language Of The Internet [Infographic]

I like the title of this entry. Chinese, the new dominant language of the internet. China is too powerful to concur the world not only start its empire in economy but also in internet and technology. The growth of China is undeniable and expectable. Anyway, everyone should enjoy their own mother tongue. Cheers..TNW_internet_languages

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