How To Send Free SMS From Android?

Yahoo-Messenger-For-AndroidDo you feel excited to see the post title? Yes, you are right, you can send any free sms to your friend with any charges. The way to send free sms is extremely easy. Follow me after the break. Let’s enjoy your free lunch ^^


Bing Is The Second Largest Search Engine After Google

bingWell, Bing is now the second largest search engine in the world just behind Google as Yahoo was now merge with Bing after a huge purchase of $44 billion from Microsoft to get Yahoo. Microsoft is getting stronger in Search Engine after acquire Yahoo and it gained second large search engine market in the world now. Statistics show


Do You Still Remember Yahoo?! The Rise And Fall Of Yahoo [Infographic]

Do you still remember Yahoo? Yes, I do remember Yahoo but the memory on Yahoo was not really vivid I would say in these recent years because most of the time I prefer Google’s stuff =) Yea, yea, yea, you are right, Yahoo is not really doing well in these few years and even getting worse. Actually, it doesn’t surprise me, because the world is changing too fast, the rise and fall is just happen in a glance. Do you know how bad is yahoo doing? Check out the Infographic below. the-rise-and-fall-of-yahoo

[via TechCrunch]

How To Submit Your Website To The Giant Search Engines?

How To Submit Your Website To The Giant Search EnginesI’m totally new in blogging, SEO, traffic driving but I understand that if you wanted to drive more traffic to your blog, you need higher visibility in the search result especially with some giant search engines in the web market like Google, Yahoo & Bing. First thing first, you need to understand that thousand of websites are created everyday, Google, Yahoo & Bing will not bother the website you just created unless you have super high traffic on your newly-built website else you need to submit your website to them to activate the crawl machine to crawl and work on your website.


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