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Malaysia Launched Nokia Lumia 1520 at RM2,159

Nokia Lumia 1520 is finally landed in Malaysia. Lumia 1520 is beast among all Windows Phone in the market right now. It has the highest hardware specification and is also the first phablet from Nokia as well as Microsoft Windows Phone.


First Official Android 4.3 Update On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 International Version Released

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tasted Android 4.3 Jelly Bean today. In the past week, Samsung pushed out Android 4.3 update to Samsung Galaxy S3 and now Galaxy Note 2. However, Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3 has been pulled out after massive complaints on some critical issues after update like battery drain, dead display and more. We hope that the new Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2 will be survived for all these problems.

Galaxy note 2 vodeblog


Google Start Selling Nexus Wireless Charger & Nexus 5 Bumper In Google Play Store

Today, Google start selling the new Nexus wireless charger and Nexus 5 bumpers in Google Play Store. The new Nexus wireless charger is compatible to Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and the latest Nexus 7 2013 tablet. Nexus 4 wireless charger is no longer available for purchase and will be replaced with this new wireless charger. This official Nexus wireless charger is now available on Google Play at USD49.99 in United States and Canada.

Vodeblog Nexus Wireless Charger


iPhone 6 / iPhone Air

Vodeblog iPhone 6 iphone air concept phone  21

Wow, do you feel to see the next generation iPhone? iPhone 6 or iPhone Air ? As far as we know, the next generation iPhone 6 should have pretty major exterior design change. What I going to share you next is one of the best iPhone 6 concept phone I ever seen by Arthur Reis. Besides the new exterior design below, the new hardware specification is also listed down. I’m sure you will like it !!


128GB Meizu MX3 Is Now Available in China

Meizu MX3 is one of the most popular device in China besides XiaoMi. Meizu MX3 has been released in the past September but is only, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The most excited news today is the 128GB Meizu MX3 is now available in China, only in China. As we know, Meizu does not ship to Malaysia but only in China market. Again, you may order it via 3rd party retailers. Back to Meizu MX3, this 128GB device is sold at 3,999 Yuan, around USD$660 which is consider a very cheap device with 128GB storage.

Vodeblog meizu mx3


Where To Buy Nexus 5 In Malaysia

Moto G Is Coming To Singapore! When Will Be In Malaysia?

After announcement of Nexus 5 from Google, Moto G, a budget device with decent specification and big screen was announced by Motorola. Moto G is the second device after Moto X by Motorola after acquired by Google.Moto G has been announced about a week from now and now we know that the Google powered Moto G will come to Singapore very soon. I say congratulations to all Singaporeans to have chance to own Moto G in near future.


HTC One Max Coming To Malaysia Next Week

HTC One Max is one of the latest smartphone from HTC right after HTC One mini. HTC One Max is the only phablet from HTC and it has been launched in October 2013 officially. According to HTC Malaysia, HTC One Max will be launched in Malaysia market by next week, 21 November 2013.



Sony Xperia Z1S Spotted & Photographed Together With Xperia Z1

Vodeblog Sony Xperia Z1s vs xperia z1


Sony Xperia Z1s will be launched very soon. As expected, Sony Xperia Z1s is a mini version of the Xperia Z1. The phone should have very similar hardware specification to Xperia Z1 but with smaller size. From the leaked photo above, we believe that the new Sony Xperia Z1 will be launched very soon. We will go more details after the leap.


Malaysia: HTC One Start Receiving Android 4.3 Update, New Sense 5.5 & Free 25GB Google Drive

Vodeblog HTC One Android4 3 sense5 5 25gb google drive

Great news for all HTC One users in Malaysia and Singapore. HTC One Malaysia and Singapore is start receiving Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update officially. The firmware push out should be started yesterday. However, you may not aware of the update as no OTA notification would appear. You have to manually check the update in the system settings. Android 4.3 update for HTC One (3.63.707.3) is a pretty huge updates with total upgrade package of 678.26MB. Besides the new Android 4.3 update, we will be receiving new Sense 5.5 (update from your existing Sense 5.0). Let’s check out more after leap. (more…)

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