Sony Xperia ZL Review

In the beginning of 2013, Sony released Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL in CES. They are both the first to join to 1080P as android flagship mobile phone. As we know Sony Xperia Z has anti dust and water-proof protection. Sony Xperia Z has started selling in United States for quite some time and now following by Sony Xperia ZL. Xperia Z’s brother: Xperia ZL’s exterior design is relatively simple, it also does not support waterproof function, but it has the similar powerful hardware specification as Xperia Z with 13 mega pixel camera. It priced at $ 759.99 with bootloader unlcoked (Developer version) Sony Xperia ZL has a 5-inch large screen, 4G LTE support and has a strong and powerful performance, but the high price has climbed too high with $759.99, at the same price, you can get another very impressive unlocked HTC One Developer version. Anyhow, check out the Xperia XL review after the break.



How To Take Screenshot On Sony Xperia Z

Xperia-Z-infographic_thumb.jpgTaking screenshot is important, at least to me =) I have taking a lot screenshots from the Sony Xperia Z as images to post in Vodeblog. Sharing is caring. We do love to share my experience to you by taking more and more screenshots to explain the tutorial and guide step by step.


Download USB Driver For Sony Xperia Z

usb driver for sony xperia zUSB driver for Sony Xperia Z is important for communication between your Sony Xperia Z and Windows PC. Sony Xperia Z’s USB driver is compiled within the Sony PC Companion. You can download the Sony PC Companion for Mac and Windows both from the official Sony Mobile website. Check out mode info and the installation guide after the break.


Sony Xperia Z Stamina Mode (Power Saving)

Sony Xperia Z Stamina Mode (Power Saving)  (3)My Sony Xperia Z is performing very well so far in term of the overall smoothness and solidness. In battery wise, it is decent performance where I need to charge the device by end of everyday. The 2330 mAh barely enough for a day use of 12 to 15 hours for normal web browsing, facebook surfing, checking email and some voice call. As I know, the battery life can be improved significantly with Sony Xperia Z custom ROM where I haven’t installed yet. In this article, I’ll tell you how exactly you can save your battery on your Sony Xperia Z.


How To Use 3G Sim In 4G LTE Device?

3g-4g-sim-card-networkI have subscribed a 3G line a year ago. It was a micro sim with 3G network. As you know, I recently purchased an 4G LTE Sony Xperia Z without a data plan. I do not have any 4G LTE sim card for my Sony Xperia Z. I decided to try my 3G Sim card on Xperia Z. Everything looks fine with my 3G sim card, call, sms, mms but only 3G data traffic. The 3G network was not working at all. I have tried out some silly methods by turning on and off the 3G data mobile, enable data roaming, turn on and off the Wifi. I even nearly send back my Xperia Z to the Sony shop to declare a damage on my device =)) Anyhow, before doing it, I found out what was the problem and root cause.


Sony Xperia Z Benchmark Results (Antutu and Quadrant scores)

sony-xperia-z.jpgI’m still in the midst of having thorough testing on my Sony Xperia Z either hardware or software performance. In hardware performance wise, Sony Xperia Z is empowered by 1.5GHz quad core Snapdragon S4 pro processor and 2GB RAM. Snapdragon S4 Pro processor has made Sony Xperia Z become a superphone with the quad core high performance as well as the buttery smooth Android Jelly Bean. Some benchmark results has been captured by me and it comes with very promising results. The below benchmark results is ran with well known benchmark app, Antutu and Quadrant.


How To Factory Reset Sony Xperia Z

xperia-z1.jpgI have installed  few applications to have a rough checking on my Sony Xperia Z. I found it is time to have a factory reset and proceed further without any distraction with the old installed applications. Resetting Sony Xperia Z is simple enough. In Sony Xperia Z, the factory reset could only be done within the device OS. It is differ from Samsung device which can be done in either stock recovery mode and within the OS. Let’s have a quick check how we do the factory reset.


Sony PC Companion for Sony Xperia Z (Windows and Mac)

Sony bridge for Xperia Z VodeblogSony PC Companion is a tool and PC desktop application you can use to connect your Sony Xperia Z device. The PC Companion contains Xperia Transfer as a file synchronization toll to move your content from iPhone to your Xperia Z if you are come from iPhone. Besides that, it is used to manage your contacts, phone content, messages, media files, photos from desktop PC. Besides that, you can update your Sony Xperia Z firmware via Sony PC Companion, instead of waiting OTA update.


Download Sony Xperia Z User Manual (C6602/C6603)

xperia-z1.jpgAfter getting the Sony Xperia Z, the first thing I do is download the user manual online. It is different from Samsung that the user manual can be downloaded from Google Play Store as an application. Hence, i found the Sony Xperia Z user manual from Sony Mobile website, it is posted as pdf format. The user manual is applicable for both Xperia Z C6602 (GSM) and C6603(4G LTE) models. It includes all the features and sony applications’ function in details. Besides that, you may also interested to download the Sony Xperia Z whitebook which give you the overview of Sony Xperia Z on the hardware specification and their special functions in summary. Emm.. we shall go through this to not miss any of the interesting and handy function on your Sony Xperia Z. Wish to get one? Head to nearby Sony shops or any telco now who provides the Sony Xperia Z package. Have fun!! Get the user manual download link after the break.


Sony Xperia Z In The House

Sony xperia z vodeblog

Thanks God. My Sony Xperia Z is now available with me. Sony Xperia Z has been just released not long ago and the anti-dust and water-proof features tempted me to buy it. At last, I got it on hands after a big hole on my wallet. Anyway, it is very exciting to own this latest gadget which is one of the hottest 5″ Full HD 1920 x1080 resolution in market now. I got myself a Sony Xperia Z C6603 4G LTE version. It is pre-installed with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The performance of Xperia Z is incredible awesome. It is a very solid device, you can feel it when you hold it on hand. Besides the device, I got a free gift with purchase, a bluetooth/NFC speaker which i have no idea how to use yet =) Benchmark will be posted soon. Stay tune with me for more review about Sony Xperia Z =) Having fun now!!!  (more…)

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