In order to welcome iOS6 iPhone5, Box cloud storage has updated their latest Box Sync service to compatible run with iOS 6. If your account is below 10GB, you can get up to 10GB once you download the iOS box on your iPhone or iPad. If you have already installed the app, re-login will help you upgrade your account to 10GB immediately. BoxSync is also activated for your account within 48 hours. Box Sync is the new service form Box to synchronize all your cloud medias, files, music everywhere with your PC/Mac and it is free for life within this promotion period. This promotion ends on October 31, and you still have a month to get the free 10GB account for new or existing users. Check out more after the break on the details how-to get 10GB free storage from Box.

How To Claim Your 10GB Plus Box Sync

1. Visit the App Store and download Box for iPhone or iPad – as long as you use one of these devices, you’ll get the offer! If you already have our iOS app, you can simply log in to claim your 10GB account and Box Sync

2. Log into your account or create a new one right in the app

3. You’ll get a 10GB account right away, and Box Sync will be activated in your account within 48 hours

4. Once you get your activation email, start sharing and syncing your content to your heart’s content

5. Tell your friends, coworkers and family members about this offer with the hashtag #BoxSync